Alphas In WH corps?

Hey everyone was wondering how valid it would be for me as an alpha to seek employment with a wormhole corporation? It seems like not having a cloak could be a real deal breaker.

Thoughts and opinions?

Actually its not that bad. It depends what aspect you want to specialise in really. I introduced a new player to a WH group recently and hes doing very well.

Why would you need a cloak? It is a nice to have but not a must have.

If you live in a wormhole, most corps will have a structure. You can operate near or tethered to the structure when probing to find sites or an exit in your hole.

In a new hole, yes a cloak is nice but again, not necessary. When you jump in, dscan. If the system looks hot (lots of ships in space), retreat. If not, bookmark the wormhole, warp to a celestial and start creating safe bookmarks. Then while probing, keep an eye in dscan (which you should always do in a wormhole) and bounce between safes while probing.

And that’s being solo. If you have friends let them scout and you act as support/dps in sites.

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If your team is good in hole control, alpha can work as miner … or salvager, but WH is not about that. WH exploration wihtout covert op cloak is not optimal way how to do that. With regards to lost ships / time cost it is better ot stay out of WH, IMHO. Of casue if you are ok with losing exploration figate every day or two, low class WH will give you unique nomadic lifestyle. Just remember, that to be podded in WH means you will spawn some place in K-space, where your medical clone installed. You will have to travel maybe 20+ jumps back to your WH and that can become tedious very quick.

Im not sure why an Alpha wouldnt be up to doing scan sites and helping at combat sites. I havent checked if PI is Alpha accessible.

They’re locked from most resource gathering skills/hulls except for the most basics needed for mining, so no PI.

That’s likely for the better tbh. I can imagine the tears now from alphas if they had to deal with that failure of a system before it’s rework.

As far as alphas in wormholes go, you can do it. Jus t be prepared to lose a few ships on a semi-regular basis unless you join a group good at controlling their connections. Shouldn’t be too hard to find a corp at this point with a few citadels to allow you a few comforts you’re used to. Unless it’s a low level hole be prepared to be doing more mundane tasks like salvaging/hauling because of alpha limitations. You will, however, be able to make a lot of money and go omega pretty quickly if you take the risk.

Depends if you are new player who just don’t want to pay untill he can try stuff and you plan to grind your way to omega or pay sub once you get in touch with game or you played this game before, fell into alpha and intent to remain that way. If the latter, there are better options than wh space…

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