What can an alpha bring to a WH corp?

Except exploration and mining what could an alpha clone do for a WH corp? Especially a C4+?

Joining a WH corp for only exploration seems unnecessary.


You can put on a red shirt and die spectacularly for their entertainment?


Mundane duties that are part and parcel of wormhole living - like scanning, bookmarking, providing overwatch on statics, exploring the neighboring holes, etc. Also mining valuable ore sites and huffing valuable gas sites (along with doing the exploration sites). Even hauling possibly. Everything except PVP and running combat sites.

I would encourage you to do it. Wormhole alphas are tasty treats for hunters.


Plenty of wormhole players use alpha accounts… but not as their main account.

For example, if you live in a WH you leave several alpha scanners in the WH just in case you get locked out. Then you log off your omega(s), log on your alpha, and scan the new route out.

Similarly if you’re planning to invade someone else’s home, leave some alpha scanners logged off inside, have them scan their way out when you have a fleet ready.

If however your alpha is your only account, the above options will make life very boring for you. Your options then are:

  1. Fly t1 ships in pvp, this can be anything from flying a fast tackle frigate, or ECM cruiser (ugh… blackbirds…) or dps in battlecruisers.
  2. Scan… many wormhole corps may pay their members for scanning and updating siggy/tripwire/pathfinder.
  3. Hack low class sites once you find low class connections.
  4. Huff gas sites.
  5. Rat in low class connections. Higher class you can join in pve fleets.

In addition to what everybody has already mentioned, logi pilots are usually quite helpful as well.

And just to reiterate, Venture miners are always good in WHs.

Well I’ve done C2/C3 sites in a Gila and rattle when I joined my corp as an alpha.

The fact that alphas can fly those ships is crazy to me. Ridiculously OP for an alpha character in PVE.

Bait? There’s always space for good baits.

running sites, exploring the chain, finding content, baiting, rolling, gas mining, even contributing to a fleet all in the same package :slight_smile:

Any wh corp should welcome alphas.

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I find the current state of alpha closer to balance than limiting to t1 criusers of your own empire. i say ccp should leave it as it is

There’s heaps of things a keen, Alpha player with a go-gettem attitude can bring to a WH corp.
Basic scanning and scouting for a start. Extra eyes in the chain are always a good thing to have.
Alphas can fly in ratting fleets in a Tinker’Snake these days. In combat, you can bring anti-tackle (RLML Caracal etc) or straight tackle ships (Garmur, Maulus Navy, Atron/Merlin/etc) and EWAR.

They make great spies. If a wormhole corp accepts alphas you know for sure they have zero screening procedures.


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