What kind of ship do I need for this?

I went exploring today in a magnate, but then I got rekt in a data site. Here is what the site looked like, there were a bunch of weird NPC ships I dont know what faction is, probably sleeper, drifter or jove.

They seem to be doing around 50-60 dps, so my magnate soon got destroyed. I plan to return to the site with a bigger ship.

are there any tech 1 ships thats enough to kill those NPCs and also explore/hack sites? I made an arbitrator fit for exploring that looked like this:
high: 2x drone link augmenter, 1 probe launcher, 1 salvager
mids: 1 microwarpdrive, 1 data analyser, 1 relic analyser, 1 cargo scanner
lows: 3x drone damage amplifier, 1x damage control, 1x armor repairer
rigs: 1x rig I forgot name that boosts data coherence, and one for the relic as well
do you guys think this fit will work? I get around 9k tank and 200 dps, with a drone control range of 80km, so I should be able to kite them right? thx.

I couldn’t tell you the specific details, but the guide to the hostile sites in wormholes is:

The ships you’ve got above are part of the Sleepers (one of the more mysterious factions) - they are fairly tough things to crack - they are horribly fast and kiting them will be a challenge. They’ll also target (and slaughter) your drones.

I’ll leave more knowledgeable people to answer the “what ship can deal with this” bit - I’d be wanting to take at least a battlecruiser at them.


I can’t tell you what the optimal strat is for that site, but I can tell you that explorers wont always try to clear sites. For example, they may find it easier to try to hack a few cans before the rats spawn, and then skidadle.

So, don’t limit your toolbox to just brute force. Instead, try to consider all your options.

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It’s a c2 site called an unsecured perimeter transponder farm, you can clear them in battlecruisers etc, probably use a stratios if you wanted to hack the cans after. as a newbro scanning in wormholes though you would be better of skipping the unsecured/forgotten sites and just hit pirate data/relics

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damn what?! NPC attack drones? thats like so disgusting…

prophecy? fat turkey.

can I use some module to drag the cache far away from the rats? like a tractor beam or something.

okay then. thx

so sleepers have both launchers and turrets?!?! and they can neut and repair?!??! this is insane how can NPCs be so smart?!?!


Do you really expect opposition to just line up nicely so you can kill them and loot their corpses? Is that how you’d react.

Yes, there are NPCs that use logistics support, that call for assistance, that neut you, that scramble you and treat you the same way you treat them.
See those NPC mining ships with names that start with a diamond? (“Diamond rats”) Go shoot one and let me know how you get on.
Missions in Eve are very old code - newer entities are much more realistic in how they fly, much more like players.

Be nice. You are in no position to judge God’s work.
Personally I’d take a Harbinger - the Amarrian drone ships are good, and a lot prettier than those Gallente things. But most Amarrian drone ships are more focused on fleet support roles.
The Harbinger is a good gunship.

okay thats true, all gallente ships looks like asymmetrical blobs

I am trained into drone focused stuff already… not enough skill points for medium laser turrets :(((

is it possible to do it with a Maller and an Exequror?

No, it is not. I strongly suggest a battlecruiser.

Drake? or Drake navy issue? I have an alt character that manages to have a 120k buffer tank drake navy issue, is that enough? if not, I can tell my friend to fly a scythe or osprey to either cap chain me for dual large shield boosters or just remote boost me. how much DPS is required to kill the sleeper/drifter stuff? as long as the loot in there worths it.

I am glad you are following the true way of Amarrian supremacy.

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