High Sec NPC Mining Op


I watched some youtube videos about attacking haulers in npc mining ops. Some players lost some valuable ships to those NPCs, but others could easily kill the hauler and flee before combat fleet arrived. I would like to ask the next few things:

1.) How much DPS do I need to finish the hauler (T1) before reinforcements arrive? (from the videos they arrive in about 20 seconds) I saw many fits, but I couldn’t find any DPS info in the videos, and couldn’t find any Talos fit.

2.) Can I achieve this DPS in a rail Talos?

3.) If I use a rail Talos or a Vexor/VNI and use drones, so I attack from a distance, will the enemy fleet exit warp at my location, or next to the hauler? (so I can have some safe distance for a time)

4.) If I attack from a distance and do not use any warp disruptor/scrambler because of the long distance will the hauler escape immediately?

Thank you!

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Very good questions.

I don’t have any experience with those ships or with the NPC Mining Fleets but I did google this Uniwiki page about them.


1.) 900 dps with blasters are enough to kill T1 Gallente, Amarr and if you play it right, Minmatar haulers. Not for Caldari. The shield-resists seem to be less beneficial for the polarized Hecate I used for this job.

2.) You might be able to get enough DPS in a rail Talos, but not be able to point the Hauler.

3.) As far as I know they will warp into the belt at around 0-30km. They likely will warp to the belt, not the hauler directly. So depending on how far the hauler is away from the middle fo the belt, the more time you could have. But the frigates often use MWDs, ABs and Logistics they will close the distance quickly. I saw a Navy Brutix killing a NPC Hauler once and then die gruesomely because the logistcs frigates kept out of it’s range. He didn’t kill a single frigate. That’s what problaby would happen to your Talos/Vexor if you aren’t fast enough.

4.) When you can’t kill the hauler with one or two volleys you need to point him.

That’s why I use a polarized Hecate. You get in range, overheat guns, get into combat mode and blap the hauler. As soon as it’s dead, set a bookmark, switch to speed mode and warp off before the NPC response warps in.
Wait a bit and check on DScan when the NPCs have left the belt. Warp back to your bookmark and claim your loot. In case a sneaky Venture steals your loot, just kill that one too.


Thank you!

I forgot to mention that I am an alpha and I plan to stay alpha clone for a while, if not forever. So, I don’t know if I can reach 1k dps with a talos, atm it is 310 dps with prototype gauss rails. What do you think, if I use the Talos or any other ship, can it be a workable tactic to use warp core stabs enough to counter the points/scrams of the NPCs? So, I can take my time and destroy the hauler and even with some shield/armor loss, but I can escape cause of the WCS?

Response fleet can have up to 4 tacklers, that is in case of all frigate fleet. Cruiser and Battleship response fleets have 2 most of the time.

Have done it in Gnosis with around 550 dps. Have to get close to point the hauler. As soon as the fleet arrives you have to warp out. Don’t worry about leaving drones behind, you can come back to get them.

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Try blasters on the Talos. It should give you more dps, but shorter range of course. You will “keep at range” on the optimal of your guns. Also use a Scram because you should not be farer away than 9km when you are at optimal. A Warp Disrupter takes more fitting ressources and should not be needed. But I would recommend a Webifier to slow the target down. This makes it easer to keep it in range.
Warp core stabs probably won’t save you. Rather fit Magnetic Field Stabilizers to increase your dps, after all that is what you need. But keep in mind the more modules of one type you fit, the less effective they become. So in general you don’t fit more than 4 damage modules. In your case Intertia Stabalizers would be a good idea, to enter warp quicker. Tracking should not be an issue when you shoot at haulers, they are big enough.

When you can’t make out in time you might want to try and shieldtank the NPCs (active, passive won’t be enough) while killing their logi with their drones. After that tackle and then get out asap. But rather don’t get caught at all. Solo that’s very likely your death.
But what you could do is to fit a Micro Jump Drive. When you are lucky and none of the NPC tacklers scrams you, you can activate it to jump a 100km off and warp way. It needs a few seconds to “spool” up and activate though. So you might want to activate it while still killing the hauler.

Also Pick your target wisely. If I remember it right Gallente haulers died the fastest to my Hecate. After that Amarr and then Minmatar.

P.S: Use faction ammunition (Caldari Navy Antimatter) for a some extra dps.

P.P.S.: Since the Talos can use drones, you can choose the best damage profile for a target here. Which faction is most weak to what can be seen here: http://schildwall.phbv3.de/basics/npc_damage_en.html

I know a guy, who knows a guy, who’s friends with a guy… Who uses Polarized Blasters on a Talos and can take down the T1 Haulers in 2-3 volleys. First he drops an MTU. Then he gets up close, aligns for a Celestial, then webs and tackles while also opening fire. Then he peels out for the Celestial before the reinforcements even land on grid. Give them a minute or two to get bored and clear out, and go back for the loot.


Thanks for the replies people you helped me a lot not loosing my ship too early. I will need to work on my skills to have better dps. I think I need to wait a few weeks before I attempt an attack on the hauler. If I would loose my Talos I could not replace it, so I just continue to level up at my agent and collecting isk for spare ships. Thank you again folks!


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