What do you need to Solo hunt npc mining corps

I was wondering what you need for ships/fittings to solo hunt npc mining corps in high sec. Ive done some research on youtube/google but haven’t really found much information so any help would be appreciated .

Definitely not a marauder, hahaha https://zkillboard.com/kill/57938829/

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That’s…sad. I noticed that fit has plenty of active tank, but no cap booster. That player probably got neuted to death by the NPC response fleet.

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So far I’ve been using a Svipul or Hecate on my alt. Fit for damage, shield buffer, full damage mods, and mwd. Did it until I got bored.

1: Find the hauler.
2: Shoot the hauler and start humping it away as fast as possible, speed mode, mwd. Preferably not in to the 'roids.
3: Scan down the hauler while flying in a straight line away from the response fleet on grid. If battleships arrive, warp away and try again later, those will eat the T3D’s at long range. Cruisers are dependent on faction and how far out they hit. Amarr, Gallente, and Minmatar are ok, Caldari not so much.
4: Bookmark the scanned down hauler and warp to 100.
5: Fly away from the hauler with MWD until you reach between 500-700 km, then shut off mwd and wait for the tackle frigates to get to about 90km.
6: Warp back to hauler and blap. Blap mining ships as desired.
7: Process may be repeated by mwd’ing away from the response fleet when they get too close then going back to the bookmark.
8: Contract the bookmark to your alt to retrieve the ores and salvage wrecks if desired. Porpoise is really good for this. At this time the ships do not move once they’re at their supposed “Safe” so you don’t even need a tackle mod.

Only worry about having enough buffer to block a random wrecking shot at range. If they catch you, you’re probably dead anyways, but once you get the rhythm you can get more in boxes value than the ship fairly reliably before it explodes.

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I’ve seen someone take out the defense fleet with a Stratios but it’s pretty hard, about 600-ish dps coming in.

If you’re talking about ganking npc miners, I’ve got some advice for you.

If your hauler ganking for loot, here is what your going to need.

-Ship with over 600dps, that can apply it, and don’t gank t2, because they are very tanky and they drop the same as t1.

I use a nightmare that does 800 dps and has very good tracking, and I kill the hauler before it thinks to warp. Which means I’m also off grid before the response fleet lands with is a must!

Fighting the response fleet can be easy or hard. It depends on how much logi they bring. If they bring two logi ships, don’t fight them. If they bring one, you can fight them but its not worth your time. Also, I know Caldari scrams, and don’t want to say anything about the others because I don’t want to be responsible for a ship loss. However, from my experiments, all other empires do not. However, don’t gank Caldari, their hauler are the tankist of them all.

If you want fits, here are some.

4x Tachyon Beam Laser
4x Tracking Computer 2
1x Target Painter 2
1x Micro Jump Drive
1x Senor Booster 2 with a targeting speed script
4x Heat Sink 2
2x Tracking Enhancer 2
Up to the pilot
But do something to do dps, align time, or Tracking
The Nightmare is very good, because it can always kill the hauler from where it lands on grid!

Want something cheap?
Then I suggest a naga or something. Just glass canon fit it, with good tracking.
Like this https://zkillboard.com/kill/64499817/, I died because I didn’t know about the scram.

If you want to kill all the miners too, then do what Andrew said, also try it with something cheaper the first time.

Will the NPC response fleet attack you if you are remote repairing the player that they are attacking?

I image they would.

Op, If you’re just after the boxes I’d second the advice to just blap the hauler at the belt, GTFO as soon as the response fleet lands on grid and collect the loot after it leaves (I’d advise dropping bookmarked MTU). Be warned that response fleet may return if you get back too early.

Baiting the fleet to keep it far from a hauler will also work but compared to full engagement it’s neither challenging nor that much fun if u ask me. It works if u didn’t manage to blap the hauler at the belt but still want the box but killing hauler and miners in this scenario will take time making the whole operation really long as you’ll probably have to bait the fleet few times. Solution could be using a MWD Ishtar with drone links. Haven’t tried that but those rats completely ignore drones so if you can keep out of range of tacklers you’ll be fine.

Soloing the fleet - It’s great fun if u ask me. I think that’s the best solo PvE you can get atm. Isk/hr wise it’s a bust as boxes drop mainly skins and market for those got saturated and is fairly stagnant.

Response fleet compositions will vary ffom let’s say … ROTFL to OMG WTF I’M DEAD. Frigate fleets may compose of dps/ewar frigs only to full spectrum including tacklers with web/scram, disruptors, neuts being most dangerous and logis even worse. Bigger fleets will have cruisers and BS’s on top and those I personally avoid. They still can be fought but since there is no incentive to that (no bounty, no loot, t1 salvege) the risk/reward ratio is too negative. If you re up just for a challege it’s perfect though.

What u NEED to fight those fleets:

  • proper recon - dscan and combat probes as you have to know whats landing on you and make a decision to either warp out or stay at the belt and engage (you’ll need a disruptor to keep a hauler in place which makes it harder than engaging at the safe spot) - if u don’t know how to use dscan or probes it’s a great way to learn btw
  • planning - knowing what you’re facing you can decide how to approach and what strategy should be applied - fleet with no logi or no tacklers is an easy mode, tacklers and logi will definitely be a hard mode
  • high skills don’t hurt - again it’s all up to a chosen strategy but if you choose to go all in and tank the fleet be prepared for extremely high dps (frigate fleet can melt an Ishtar in no time) and hard to break logi chain - this means you need rock solid tank with really high, well applied dps
  • you definitely want a mobile depot and some spare modules in case you neet to refit
  • cruiser (Stratios but carefully) or a Hac (preferably Ishtar) or a Command BC (preferably Eos) - those are my favourite

As for the fitting it’s all up to your skills, wallet and courage. Think of it as PVP though - you will eventually loose your ship. You may want to have a MWD (if not webbed you can MWD out of disrupt range) and a WEB regardless of a chosen fit.

Fleets - basic stuff with frigate fleets

Gallente - those I find quite aesy. You’ll be facing disrupt from Tristans (15km), web/occasional scram from Atrons and ewar/dps from others. Youll want to avoid fleets with logis and definitely those with two of those.

Amarr - my personal nightmare tbh. Heavy neuts make active tanking extremely hard and you get web and disrupt on top. Pair it with logis and you’re dead. Wouln’t advise starting with those and would advise extreme caution in picking up the fights. Haven’t met with scrams but since you gonna get webbed it doesn’t really matter if thats scram or disrupt. Same as with Gallente, fleets will vary though and you may face no neut/no logi fleets making fights a bit easier.

Caldari - done only few so far but haven’t found them hard SO FAR.

Minmatar - no experience so far.

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I do Amarr, Caldari and Gurista (they spawn if there is a FOB in the system). Easy-peasy, tho the way I do it might seem too time consuming to some. Anyway

  1. Find a hauler.
  2. Align to a star, shoot the hauler, warp to star.
  3. Drop Mobile Depot to refit for combat probes, find safespot with the hauler, miners and response fleet. BM hauler. Refit for combat. Pick up mobile depot.
  4. Warp to 100km, align back to star.
  5. I set speed to 500m/s with any response fleet composition. Kill tackling frigates. In case of frigate only fleet, kill them all one by one, except one (I had hauler despawn when I killed off all of the guards, this could be a bug or timer despawn tho). In case of cruisers or battleships just drag them away far enough. Caldari BSes hit hard from any distance, just move or orbit something to mitigate the damage. Amarr Arbitrators hit from any distance too, they are pretty weak tho.
  6. Rewarp to hauler BM. Kill it. Miners sometimes drop named mining upgrades. Salvage skiffs for T2 salvage.

I do it in my jack-of-all-trades-in-highsec Phantasm. I think an Ishtar or Gila could tank frigate response fleet just fine and do without the listed shenanigans.

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