Level 3 Data/Relic Sites With Magnate


Can I please get a guide on if it is possible to take out the pirates on a Level 3 Data/Relic sites with T1 Explorer Ships like Magnate? if so, what are the fittings best suited to do the job?

I have enough ISK to buy equipment.


No a magnate can’t do that, depending on which site it is you’d need some serious firepower and tank.

Just avoid those sites, it’s annoying as you find so many of them but it’s your only option.

Thx for the reply mate, So what do you suggest for hacking those sites? what is really needed? Which ship will be able to deal with those rats?

Have a read here:



I’m assuming you mean sleeper data/relics (unsecured/forgotten) in a wormhole? Various unguarded data/relics can have a scanning difficulty of lvl 3 as well, so just that doesn’t say much.

You will need to view the sleeper sites as combat sites, most of the loot is in the rat loot, the hacking generally is worthless (usually about 1% of total site value) and many people will simply skip hacking. You can check eve-survival to see some stats on what kind of tank you need and recommended ships (although the recommendations can be a bit out-dated), see for example:


Sites are generally more difficult the higher the wormhole class.

Pirate data/relic sites with scanning difficulty from 1 to 4 are not guarded by rats in any security space, high, low, null, wh. Those are non-combat sites. Other players, competitors and explorer hunters are the main threat.

There are also pirate Ghost sites, which in highsec have scanning difficulty 3, named Lesser Covert Research Facility. They do have guards that spawn after certain period of time spent inside, they are virtually invulnerable though. Besides it’s pointless to even try to kill them, they drop no loot.

Sleeper Cache sites have scanning difficulty 4 and 5. They are quite dangerous. No rats, but turrets, traps and AOE clouds.

Wormhole systems data and relics are guarded by sleeper drones. Quite deadly. It’s possible to run them in non-combat ship still. Risky but entertaining and rewarding.

Lastly there are event data sites with scanning difficulty 2-3, which you are most likely referring to. No guards, 1 can. Extremely easy.

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