Who built the first jump gates?

I’m reading EVE: Source, and noticed that it makes no mention of humans having access to any gates other than the EVE gate before starting to construct them. I thought I had read that we were given the technology (Jovian)? or that we had found one/some and reverse engineered them. EVE: Source (in “Origins”) goes straight from the wormhole to sending out construction ships.

“Within a few years, all of humankind’s spacefaring nations had sent settlers through the wormhole.”

“Gigantic construction ships sailed light years toward uncharted stars, where they constructed star gates…”

But in other articles I have read different accounts. What’s the actual lore on this? Is EVE: Source just leaving some things out? Or is this the “new lore” I’ve read about and other information may simply be outdated?


Might want to read Old Man Star in the Chronicles



The first settlers from Terra who came through the Eve Gate built Stargates and colonized various planets throughout the New Eden cluster. When the Eve Gate collapsed, that disaster caused a catastrophic event that destroyed most of their technology and plunged their colonies into a Dark Age. Within a few centuries the majority of those colonies died out.

The few colonies that managed to survive slowly over time regained their lost technology. The first one was the Jove to rise to power. Soon afterwards the Sleepers, Talocan and Yan Jung civilizations all rose to power as well and started rebuilding Stargates to re-colonize New Eden. After a while those 3 died out while the Jove Empire still flourished.

The next civilization to emerge from the Dark Ages was the Amarr who discovered an intact ancient Stargate within their system and successfully reverse engineered that technology. They then constructed the first modern Stargate and started expanding throughout the New Eden cluster. Early on a group of Amarr called the Takmahl rose to great power and then died off as well.

Over the centuries the Amarr expanded through the cluster and eventually encountered the Minmatar who had earlier found and was using a few original Stargates that were still working. The Minmatar had also developed the Acceleration Gate technology which was later copied by the other races. After enslaving the Minmatar, the Amarr then later encountered the Gallente and Caldari and then finally the Jove.

Before meeting the Amarr, the Gallente had already discovered space travel and created their own Stargate. The Gallente introduced that technology to the Caldari who quickly expanded on it, creating their own space warpdrive and Stargate tech. Due to a space race to colonize systems, the Gallente and Caldari entered into a century long war during which the Caldari gained Capsule tech from the Jove. When the Amarr finally met the Gallente and Caldari, they deemed them too powerful and attacked the Jove who quickly defeated them. Soon afterwards the Minmatar rebelled against the Amarr and with the help of the Gallente, gained their freedom.

After that the five Factions came together and jointly founded CONCORD as an interstellar peace-keeping organization. CONCORD brokered peace treaties between the Gallente and Caldari which ended their century long war. Concord also negotiated peace between the Amarr and Minmatar, freeing the Minmatar from threat of invasion and re-enslavement. CONCORD stands for Consolidated Cooperation and Relations Command. It’s main function was to promote trade, improve relations, conduct negotiations and act as a neutral party to mediate any differences between the Factions. Over time Concord increased its own power and influence with funds from collecting customs, confiscating contraband, selling licenses and various other financial means in order to become a Faction independent of Empire control.

Most of the Stargates in unclaimed Null sec were built by the Empires with plans to expand out and claim those regions for themselves. Then the Empyrean Age happened which introduced Capsuleers and due to other various events such as the emergence of Rogue Drone hordes, the Empires give up on colonizing Null sec regions.

Most of the long jump Stargates that circle around the outer edge of Null sec were built by pirates, smugglers, and rebels so they could bypass dangerous routes that lead through Empire space.

That’s basically a condensed version of New Eden Lore. Concord doesn’t own the Stargates, they just oversee them, collect revenue and enforce retribution in high sec for unlawful acts committed by Capsuleers.

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Thanks for helping to fill that in for me. I had read Old Man Star (fantastic story) and have been poking around the official Lore wiki for a week or two now. I just couldn’t sort out exactly who built the first ones. As in, even reading Old Man Star, I wasn’t sure if we were building more based on tech we had found and reverse engineered or if it was our own tech entirely. I guess years ago I must have read somewhere about us finding the gates (beyond the EVE gate) but I am either misremembering that or it has changed. I was trying to find evidence that we did not build the first ones of our own accord. I was vaguely remembering that we found some that were working but we didn’t know where they came from or who built them. So I turned to EVE: Source thinking I would find the evidence there. Seems like I found the opposite. I guess I was confusing that with the time after the Dark Ages when we were rediscovering our own. It’s fascinating stuff.

Thanks again.

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It depends how you read it but it seems like access to the Eve Gate was controlled by mega-corporations. The early settlers, and we don’t know how many, seem to have bought their claim from other people. It makes sense that some Terran conglomerate ran things, built gates to the colonies and steered those colonists to their claim. That is more or less the way that the story of the Jove is related by Grious in Templar One, when he talks about the Enheduanni. As he is discussing events that happened around 15,000 years previously, on the other side of two imperial collapses its on a par with us talking about some ancient legend retold over a few millennia. Later on the Talocan appear and don’t appear to have built anything much in New Eden but constructed a Dyson swarm at Caroline’s Star and Anoikis, a complex of 2500 systems navigable by wormholes.
The names are possibly immaterial, but it feels like there was a group, maybe a corporate division, or even divisions, tasked with constructing gates and managing logistics for the colonies. The Empires of today are all descended from colonies that collapsed into the dark ages due to losing their supply routes from the Terran sector. Given the ‘Gigantic Construction Ships’ people skilled at building gates from materials gathered in system and able to navigate without gates themselves, its not hard to imagine that they could happily survive as space nomads, trying to get home. We don’t honestly know. There could have been a single group, or it may have been a number of separate groups. The names Talocan and Enheduanni both come from the Jove and they only occupied seven systems in a single constellation, whereas ancient stargates are found all over the place. Anoikis is confusing, the Orbital Lattice was built around 6,000 years ago, but some of the structures in Anoikis are listed as being 12,000 years old. It could just be bad archaeology.
Anoikis does seem to be have been completely navigable, controlled by a network of Epicenters. The Triglavians have a network of navigable gates in Abyssal space, it makes sense that the two groups might be connected. Its not clear whether they are descendants of some part of the original builder groups, or simply found and reverse engineered their technologies. Eve lore is never that specific, there are possibilities we can explore with stories.