Who built the first jump gates?

I’m reading EVE: Source, and noticed that it makes no mention of humans having access to any gates other than the EVE gate before starting to construct them. I thought I had read that we were given the technology (Jovian)? or that we had found one/some and reverse engineered them. EVE: Source (in “Origins”) goes straight from the wormhole to sending out construction ships.

“Within a few years, all of humankind’s spacefaring nations had sent settlers through the wormhole.”

“Gigantic construction ships sailed light years toward uncharted stars, where they constructed star gates…”

But in other articles I have read different accounts. What’s the actual lore on this? Is EVE: Source just leaving some things out? Or is this the “new lore” I’ve read about and other information may simply be outdated?


Might want to read Old Man Star in the Chronicles



The first settlers from Terra who came through the Eve Gate built Stargates and colonized various planets throughout the New Eden cluster. When the Eve Gate collapsed, that disaster caused a catastrophic event that destroyed most of their technology and plunged their colonies into a Dark Age. Within a few centuries the majority of those colonies died out.

The few colonies that managed to survive slowly over time regained their lost technology. The first one was the Jove to rise to power. Soon afterwards the Sleepers, Talocan and Yan Jung civilizations all rose to power as well and started rebuilding Stargates to re-colonize New Eden. After a while those 3 died out while the Jove Empire still flourished.

The next civilization to emerge from the Dark Ages was the Amarr who discovered an intact ancient Stargate within their system and successfully reverse engineered that technology. They then constructed the first modern Stargate and started expanding throughout the New Eden cluster. Early on a group of Amarr called the Takmahl rose to great power and then died off as well.

Over the centuries the Amarr expanded through the cluster and eventually encountered the Minmatar who had earlier found and was using a few original Stargates that were still working. The Minmatar had also developed the Acceleration Gate technology which was later copied by the other races. After enslaving the Minmatar, the Amarr then later encountered the Gallente and Caldari and then finally the Jove.

Before meeting the Amarr, the Gallente had already discovered space travel and created their own Stargate. The Gallente introduced that technology to the Caldari who quickly expanded on it, creating their own space warpdrive and Stargate tech. Due to a space race to colonize systems, the Gallente and Caldari entered into a century long war during which the Caldari gained Capsule tech from the Jove. When the Amarr finally met the Gallente and Caldari, they deemed them too powerful and attacked the Jove who quickly defeated them. Soon afterwards the Minmatar rebelled against the Amarr and with the help of the Gallente, gained their freedom.

After that the five Factions came together and jointly founded CONCORD as an interstellar peace-keeping organization. CONCORD brokered peace treaties between the Gallente and Caldari which ended their century long war. Concord also negotiated peace between the Amarr and Minmatar, freeing the Minmatar from threat of invasion and re-enslavement. CONCORD stands for Consolidated Cooperation and Relations Command. It’s main function was to promote trade, improve relations, conduct negotiations and act as a neutral party to mediate any differences between the Factions. Over time Concord increased its own power and influence with funds from collecting customs, confiscating contraband, selling licenses and various other financial means in order to become a Faction independent of Empire control.

Most of the Stargates in unclaimed Null sec were built by the Empires with plans to expand out and claim those regions for themselves. Then the Empyrean Age happened which introduced Capsuleers and due to other various events such as the emergence of Rogue Drone hordes, the Empires give up on colonizing Null sec regions.

Most of the long jump Stargates that circle around the outer edge of Null sec were built by pirates, smugglers, and rebels so they could bypass dangerous routes that lead through Empire space.

That’s basically a condensed version of New Eden Lore. Concord doesn’t own the Stargates, they just oversee them, collect revenue and enforce retribution in high sec for unlawful acts committed by Capsuleers.


Thanks for helping to fill that in for me. I had read Old Man Star (fantastic story) and have been poking around the official Lore wiki for a week or two now. I just couldn’t sort out exactly who built the first ones. As in, even reading Old Man Star, I wasn’t sure if we were building more based on tech we had found and reverse engineered or if it was our own tech entirely. I guess years ago I must have read somewhere about us finding the gates (beyond the EVE gate) but I am either misremembering that or it has changed. I was trying to find evidence that we did not build the first ones of our own accord. I was vaguely remembering that we found some that were working but we didn’t know where they came from or who built them. So I turned to EVE: Source thinking I would find the evidence there. Seems like I found the opposite. I guess I was confusing that with the time after the Dark Ages when we were rediscovering our own. It’s fascinating stuff.

Thanks again.

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It depends how you read it but it seems like access to the Eve Gate was controlled by mega-corporations. The early settlers, and we don’t know how many, seem to have bought their claim from other people. It makes sense that some Terran conglomerate ran things, built gates to the colonies and steered those colonists to their claim. That is more or less the way that the story of the Jove is related by Grious in Templar One, when he talks about the Enheduanni. As he is discussing events that happened around 15,000 years previously, on the other side of two imperial collapses its on a par with us talking about some ancient legend retold over a few millennia. Later on the Talocan appear and don’t appear to have built anything much in New Eden but constructed a Dyson swarm at Caroline’s Star and Anoikis, a complex of 2500 systems navigable by wormholes.
The names are possibly immaterial, but it feels like there was a group, maybe a corporate division, or even divisions, tasked with constructing gates and managing logistics for the colonies. The Empires of today are all descended from colonies that collapsed into the dark ages due to losing their supply routes from the Terran sector. Given the ‘Gigantic Construction Ships’ people skilled at building gates from materials gathered in system and able to navigate without gates themselves, its not hard to imagine that they could happily survive as space nomads, trying to get home. We don’t honestly know. There could have been a single group, or it may have been a number of separate groups. The names Talocan and Enheduanni both come from the Jove and they only occupied seven systems in a single constellation, whereas ancient stargates are found all over the place. Anoikis is confusing, the Orbital Lattice was built around 6,000 years ago, but some of the structures in Anoikis are listed as being 12,000 years old. It could just be bad archaeology.
Anoikis does seem to be have been completely navigable, controlled by a network of Epicenters. The Triglavians have a network of navigable gates in Abyssal space, it makes sense that the two groups might be connected. Its not clear whether they are descendants of some part of the original builder groups, or simply found and reverse engineered their technologies. Eve lore is never that specific, there are possibilities we can explore with stories.


The Plot get’s Thicker! Recently getting back n to the game I started trolling around for Triglavian and Drifter material looking for connections, but you know how searches, tree branching and Rabbit holes go. I found this material which pretty much goes all the way back- The Kicker-- Jove are not the “First Ones” at all but just one of a few “original” groups and they were the poor kids. The Talocans, Yan Jung etc were the Big Dogs. So it may be a case of the Winner rewriting history. Of course since I found this in an unverified Archive on “Galnet” It is after 17 years, all indeed Apocryphal. but who eve Kaito Haakaanian is Thanks!

Sleepers origins predate the collapse of the EVE Gate.[T1 pg314]

7987AD - Wormhole to New Eden discovered.[Timeline]

7989AD - 72yrs
8061AD - New Eden rapidly colonized.[Timeline]
All known factions ancestors migrate to EVE.[Timeline]

8061AD - EVE closes.
Jove civilization occupied only the Utopia system.[T1 pg314-318]
Warp drive speeds of the time (max 0.0025AU/s) meant it would take at least 293 days from New Eden to Utopia.[T1 pg314-318]
The Jove were the most technologically inferior and destitute race of that time.[T1 pg314-318]
There were few stargates open when the EVE Gate collapsed.[T1 pg314-318]
Seven Sleeper ships in the New Eden system, commissioned to build the first stargates of the Jove civilization.[T1 pg314-318]
Warp drives of the era were reliant on a fuel whose supply was tightly controlled by powerful factions.[T1 pg314-318]
[Possibly including the Yan Jung]
These drives used isogen-catalyzed fusion reactors to generate their warp cores.[T1 pg314-318]
Sleeper ships were not fully fueled. Travelled to the Heaven constellation.[T1 pg314-318]

 Sleeper ships survive journey using cryostasis and virtual storage.[T1 pg314-318]
 "The Stasis People are Jovians that voluntarily go into cryo-stasis for decades or centuries, hoping that when they wake a bright and better world will greet them."[Statics]
 30ly trip from New Eden to Utopia, unknown how long fuel reserves lasted so no idea on travel time.[T1 pg314-318]
 Each ship contained some 30,000 Architects, their Enheduanni crew/caretakers, and the materials and components for a gate each and basic colony infrastructure.[T1 pg314-318]
 Sleepers existed in an early version of the Construct, in which minds could interact but not grow.[T1 pg314-318]
 [Presumably the Enheduanni survived the journey as the Architects did, using cryostasis and virtual storage.]
 They knew this virtuality was not real, dwelled on memories of home, and anguished over the future.[T1 pg314-318]
 This led to them testing the Construct, pushing its limits, trying to break its laws.[T1 pg314-318]
 Some tried to rebel against it.
 [Presumably the Architects and Enheduanni improved the virtuality using these tests]

 All seven ships succeeded. Securing the Joves foothold in the New Eden cluster.[T1 pg314-318]

8500AD - “Within the space of only a few centuries [The Jovians] had recovered, and were once again running a hi-tech society.”[Jove]

 [Presumably Jove civilization entered a dark age or became extinct. The Sleepers who awakened on arrival, building the gates and establishing a colony became the Jove we know today.]
 [Explains: Sleepers being ancestors of the Jove, explains Grious stating the Enheduanni "were the guardians of our race during its most vulnerable time.]
 "Since the First Empire, the genes of our offspring are selected from a genome database that we have maintained since the beginning of our history"[T1 pg319]
 Jovians embrace genetic engineering. [Jove]
 Jovians began curbing their aggression and sexual instincts and cultivating strange new ones instead.[Jove] 
 Including a craving for knowledge that has led them to value information above all else.[The Battle of Vak’Atioth]

 At some point the Architects built a utopia within the Construct.[T1 pg223-225]
 "A City of Dreams is built in Heaven" - Fanfest Slide
 By the height of the First Empire the Sleepers became an elite scientific subculture.[T1 pg314-318]
 Their "prestige stemmed from proficiencies in cryo-stasis, fullerene-based quantum computing, virtual reality, and biocybernetic technologies."[T1 pg314-318]
 "They were the undisputed masters of virtual worlds, able to create parallel existances almost indistinguishable from reality, as well as a new clone anatomy that allowed seamless passage between the two."[T1 pg314-318]
 "The Architects revered our pristine bloodline as much as we do."
 The Architects impelmented two simple but unbreakable rules for the Construct: You must have been born in the physical world to enter; and for every soul inside the virtual world, there must be a body in the real one to return to."

 The Sleepers "mastered all present 'foundation' space-faring and biomedical technologies thousands of years ago.[T1 pg52]

 Detorid marks "the edge of the once great Jove Empire" and is home to dead storms.[Detorid]
 Dead storms are "yet to be discovered elsewhere. They appear randomly, centered around certain planets and ravage the area for days and then abruptly vanish."[Detorid]
 "Current theory points to them being tears in the fabric of space, why they exist in the first place or the reason focal point around certain planets remains a mystery and will no doubt do so for some time yet."

17500AD - (Approx.) Fall of the First Jovian Empire - “The first Jovian empire lasted nine millennia” [Timeline]
The Elders brought about its fall.[Statics]
“The Elders were one of the first groups to use genetic engineering for a special purpose, namely that of slowing the aging process. Once, the Elders were a prominent political force in the Jovian society, but after they brought about the fall of the first Jovian empire they have become more reclusive. Elders can become many centuries old, it’s uncertain exactly how old they can become, but some suggest they can outlive even members of the Amarrian royal families.” [Statics]
[Presumably the Enheduanni are the Elders, they are the only known political force predating the Directorate, and life extension would explain their ability to survive the long journey to Utopia as caretakers and crew.]

9000AD - (Approx.) End of the Yan Jung era - “dates back roughly fourteen to fifteen thousand years […] So late Yan Jung Era or shortly thereafter."[Present Pieces]

11248AD - Sleepers in w-space - “The [Sleeper] structure [in w-space] is at least twelve thousand years old.”[T1 pg83-87]
[Presumably Oruze Osobyk, star home, refers to Architects Dyson Sphere]
Storage of isotope suggests isogen-5 use and possibly plans to connect to the intertellar network once active.[Strange Engery Readings]

20000AD - (Approx.) – Rise of the Second Jovian Empire. “Miko Bour, who united the Jovians in the Second Empire more than 3000 years ago.”[Timeline]
[Note: This leaves 2000 years between the fall of the first Empire and foundation of the Second.]

22000AD - (Approx.) “Heaven Constellation was a thriving set of worlds, littered with distinctly Jovian structures, exactly like the sparse remnants we had found.”[T1 pg314-318]
The Construct became “a network of minds” it was a “perfect medium for scientific experimentation” and time dilation was possible within it.[T1 pg314-318]
The Architects discoveries leaprogged the real technological capabilities of the Jove Empire forward by generations.[T1 pg314-318]
“The Enheduanni began overt attempts to influence our way of life directly; a proactive plot to guid our world closer to theirs. They played the role of gods, deciding what new technologies to unveil, which leaders support, and sabotaging interests they beleived didn’t align with their interpretation of the greater good.”[T1 pg314-318]
This was tolerated until the Disease appeared.[T1 pg314-318]

  "When the disease surfaced, the Architects became something unfamiliar to us, something more powerful than should have been possible in our civilization."[T1 pg314-318]
  The Joves believed the Architects, with their advanced technology, were capable of finding a cure. The Architects claimed they could not.[T1 pg314-318]
  Some Jove "came to think the Disease was engineered by them intentionally, to force compliance with their vision."[T1 pg314-318]

  Shortly after the Disease surfaced the Sleepers began an exodus from the Heaven consteallation.[T1 pg314-318]
  "From there, they kept their thecnological discoveries hidden from us entirely and instead used them to support their migration while the rest of us struggled to find a cure."[T1 pg314-318]
  "We followed them to the fringe of the cluster. When they saw that we would not give up they took measures to ensure we couldn't follow them at all."[T1 pg314-318]
  The Sleepers "reached a technological singularity in their virtual world".[T1 pg314-318]
  "while the greatest minds in our society struggled to avert a potential pandemic, hundreds of millions migrated to the Architects' virtual world to escape from the Disease."[T1 pg314-318]
  [Presumably the Sleepers evacuated to Sleeper space.[Forgotten Frontier Evacuation Centre]]

  Once we were mighty,
  Stars bent to our will,
  Our reach was infinite,
  Our power incontestable,
  With outstretched hands we tried,
  To touch the face of perfection,
  But we came too close,
  To that which is not due mortals,
  And our punishment is our curse,
  Our endless sorrow.
  - Translation of an old Jovian poem[Curse]

  "The Architects could no longer be trusted. After their departure from Heaven, the Enhduanni retreated to the shadows but shifted their influence to the developing races of New Eden. We cannot say when this began, nor how mnay times they have succeeded or failed in their attempts to interfere with history. It is possible that the civilizations of today owe much of their technological progress to them."[T1 pg314-318]
  Includes interference with Minmatar at Eanna, causing Vak'Atioth, and being responsible for the resurgence of the Minmatar Elders.[T1 pg314-318][Theodicy]
  The Enheduanni remained caretakers of the Sleepers as they could have chosen not to allow The Other to exist.[T1 pg319-322]
  The Arhcitects forgot or were duped into beleiving the Construct was reality.[T1 pg223-225][T1 pg319-322]
  "The sworn mandate of the Enheduanni was to ease the Architects in and out of the Construct responsibly, governing their perception of the virtual world and managing their preparation for the migration back to reality. They expanded that mandate to include the guidance of mankind towards utopia."[T1 pg200]
  The Enheduanni manipulations have been foiled repeatedly by fear and humanities addictions to power, greed, lust, and gods.[Theodicy]
  The Enheduanni "do not fight their own wars. They have the Empires fight for them, which they achieve by controlling the influence of those who rise to power."[Theodicy]
  The Enheduanni have ceased to be human.[Theodicy]
  The Enheduanni wish "walk among you once more".[Theodicy]
  Presumably they wish to return to applying their expanded mandate overtly.

22800AD – Rise of the Third Jovian Empire - “The Third Empire was founded half a millennium ago amidst the devastation of the Jovian Disease.”[3]
[Presumably if the Elders and Statics are the Enheduanni and Architects then the Third Empire consists of the Unsullied, Existentialists, Puritans, and Lab Rats; those left behind searching for a cure.[Statics][Modifiers]]

  The Jove and Enheduanni conflict over guiding mankind or allowing them to make their own way.[Theodicy]

  The technology of the Enheduanni is much more advanced than that of the Jovians.
  They possess absolute mastery of quantum physics and particle science, and the telltale sign of their presence is non-linear teleportation.”[Theodicy]
  An Awakened Infomorph, observed alongside Sleeper Drone attacks, associated with spatial rifts, is alleged to have exercised the ability to teleport another vessel.[Awakened Infomorph]
  An Awakened Infomorph refused to aid capsuleers against a Nation assault in Jita, possibly observing.[Awakened Infomorph]
  An Awakened Infomorph has also been sigted in the Promised Land system, after Nation established a wormhole there.[Awakened Infomorph]
  Enheduanni "mastery of genetic engineering unlocked the precise workings of the human brain”.[Theodicy]
  “They can create minds with memories and skills burned into their medial temporal lobe, and set mnemonic devices to trigger them.”[Theodicy]
  They possess hyper-advanced self-assembling implant technology.[Theodicy]
  They also possess the "ability to remotely stimulate neural pathways assigned to the audio functions of a human’s brain" simulating telepathy.[Theodicy]

YC122 “We were preparing for journey’s end. The Enheduanni told us it was time to emerge and rebuild.”[T1 pg376]
Imagine if the bars to your prison were all you had ever known.
Then one day, someone appears and unlocks the door.
If they have the power to do this, then are they really the liberator?
You never remembered who it was that closed you in.
- Ior Labron[Anoikis]

  "The Enheduanni have been infiltrated and compromised; all their work to shepherd mankind toward the sociotechnical utopia they know we can achieve was revealed to the Other."
  "His first victims were the Architects. You, the Amarr Empire, and the rest of mankind will be his next."

  [Why have Sleeper sites fallen into disrepair if the Enheduanni are supposed to be guarding them?]
  [Why are the Enheduanni not defending the sites?]
  [Confirmed above as still alive.]
  [Presumably Sleeper sites in w-space were cut off from the 

  "Their tribes were acting as one, even without the awareness of a single nation to define them. No other race was on a surer path towards achieving what we have than they."[Theodicy]
  [Possibly the Enheduanni gained "harmony" as the Architects did.]


8017AD The System CMS-17 is discovered, later renamed Pator. The main planet, Matar, is quickly colonized due to its very hospitable conditions.[Timeline]
“Matar is especially conducive to hosting life, and it is home to millions of species.”[Matar]

-Harvested Moon
"There is much evidence to suggest that the planet [Pator] originally had two moons"[Matar]
"Many Minmatar legends recount the harvest of Matar's smallest moon during their first short period of space exploration."[Matar]
Controversial theory suggests "harvesting of this moon led to tidal disruptions responsible for the climate changes the planet seemed to be experiencing around the time of first contact with the Amarr."

-Pre-Minmatar Station
Amarr records seem to confirm accounts in Minmatar legend of a station orbiting Pator IV that predates the Minmatar civilization.[Matar]

-Colony Ship
The Crystal Steppe on Matar is "A large plateau of crystallized rock formed by the thrusters of a huge colonization ship, it is commonly believed by the Minmatar to be the first landing site of the original colonists. [Matar]
[Possible this is launch site rather than a landing site.]
[Harvested moon may have been used as material for a massive vessel]

Sleeper ruins can be found in Minmatar space [Sleepers]

18622AD – Four distinct civilizations develop on Matar.[Timeline][First known activity on Pator]

21413AD - The Minmatar discover ancient star gates which allow them to settle on a number of planets and moons in three systems.[Timeline]
This includes Eanna, Planet VI in the Hror system.[Timeline]

  The old Minmatar Empire "built acceleration gates that employed gravity in an unique way to slingshot ships between planets. This gave the ships enough momentum to fly between planets in a much shorter time than before. But the Minmatars never discovered how to build inter-stellar jump gates, so their acceleration gates were limited to their home system (where they still exist today). They had begun experimenting with much larger acceleration gates capable of sending ships between solar systems, but they never got a chance to build them before the Amarrians invaded and enslaved the Minmatars."[Interstellar Travel]
  [Prusmably based on reverse engineering the gate technology used in Matars gates.]


  -Minmatar Materials
  The Talocan used polyferrous materials. Minmatar use Fernite Carbide and are known for trusting in Iron Oxides.[Talocan Outpost Conduit]
  [Presumably the Polestars were jettisonned from, and collected by, the colony ship.]

  -Minmatar Gates
  "This standing structure shares many similar aspects with modern acceleration gates."[Talocan Static Gate]
  Talocan sites appear to be connected by a network of static gates similar to the stargate network.[Various Talocan Sites]
  The Minmatar developed acceleration gates and were working on interstellar gates based on this technology.[Interstellar Travel]
  [Presumably the star gates the Minmatar used in their second expansion were similar to Talocan Static Gates.[Timeline][Talocan Static Gate]

  Sleepers studied the Talocan [Archive Terminal][The Mirror]
  Talocan became afflicted by an infection.[Quarantine Area]
  Sleepers may have used a bioweapon or tried to give medical aid[The Mirror]
  The Jove pursued the Sleepers who "When they saw that we would not give up they took measures to ensure we couldn't follow them at all."[T1 pg314-318]
  Talocan sites can be found garisoning spatial rifts in w-space.[Core Garrison]
  [Presumably the Talocan were watching for pursuing Jovians.]
  "Judging from the wreckage inside, the depot was either used for imprisonment or cultural exchange; eerily, there seems to be very little difference between the two. Whatever its purpose, this structure is rather prevalent among the outposts, displaying its importance in Talocan society."[Talocan Exchange Depot]
  [Possibly the Talocan were the Enheduanni before they ceased to be human[Theodicy]]
  [Exchange Depot may have been where Architects were guided into and out of the Construct]

  "Advanced technology mingles with rustic repairs and patchwork assemblages. Some of the technology is ancient and very rudimentary in design, harkening back to cultures long gone, yet with hints of familiarity."[Talocan Outpost Core]
  "Archaeologists conjecture that the Array contained escape vessels, food bins, fuel resources or equipment for punishment. Some theories purport that all of the above are true."[Talocan Coupling Array]
  The above suggest the use of slaves gathered from multiple early cultures, possibly including ancestors of modern bloodlines.
  [Possibly the slaves were Minmatar, explaining their presence and influence and Minmatars first expansion into space being cut short.]
  [Possibly the Enheduanni abducted a large number of Minmatar to aid them in w-space]

  There are black monoliths at Sleeper w-space sites and Talocan k-space sites.[Forgotten Permiter Gateway, Devils Dig Site]
  The Talocan Monlith is described as a "Sun Reader".
  Another Monolith can be found in the Dead End system at at planet V - Moon 5.[Devils Dig Site]
  Rogue Drone activity in the area recently increased and an Awakened Infomorph has been sighted in the system.[Devils Dig Site]
  There is also an Ancient Temple at the site.[Devils Dig Site]
  [Possibly one monolith at the Sleeper sites is "entangled" with the Dead End Monolith, while the other is entagled with the Devils Dig Site Monolith.]
  [Possibly the Talocan worshipped the Sleepers. May have been encouraged by the Enheduanni.]

–Yan Jung

 When the Yan Jung "settled here in Deltole" planets V and VI "seem to have been much more habitable".[Sebast Mathon]
 Yan Jung immegrated from New Eden. "fragments of texts we've managed to translate talk about a mysterious middle kingdom."[Sebast Mathon]
 [Presumably: Yan Jung originate from China.]
 "we suspect they [the Yan Jung] also colonized other systems, even in far off places."[Sebast Mathon]

 Many academics suspect that the Jin-Mei were an offshoot of the Yan Jung nation, citing not only linguistic similarities but the close distance of just over 4 lightyears from Lirsautton to Deltole, the suspected home system of the Yan Jung.[Lirsautton]

 "I've heard rumors that they've [Serpentis] uncovered an important piece of the biggest riddle surrounding the Yan Jung nation."[Sebast Mathon][Threaded Waypoint Map]


  The Jove and Architects valued their genealogical archives, the Amarr became more focused on heredity and began The Book of Records after being visited by the Sefrim.[Book of Records][Ametat and Avetat][T1]

  The idea of a common birthplace was first put forth by members of the Amarr clergy during the Reclaiming. It enjoyed great acceptance until the beginning of the Moral Reforms, when the theory fell out of favor.[Earth]

16470AD Amash-Akura crowned first Amarr Emperor.[Amash Akura]
Council of Apostles established.[Amash Akura]
Holder title granted to Apostles and other worthies.[Amash Akura]
Book of Records established.[Amash Akura][Book of Records]

16480AD 100yrs
16580AD Amar visited by the Sefrim.[Amash Akura][Avetat and Ametat]
For a hundred years, the Empire was free of famine, disease, disaster, or any violence. Many great works of art were created, the people were happy and rich, and none wanted for any thing.[Amash Akura]
[Presuambly Enheduanni/Elder life-extension technology was used.]

16580AD Reportedly envious of the Amash Akura, Apostle Molok “turned to forbidden arts and rituals, praising false gods and learning secrets forbidden to man.”[Amash Amura]
Many Holders sided with Molok.[Amash Akura]
The Sani Sabik focued on the Holder class in its early history.[Blood Raiders]
Molok is sometimes credited with exposing the nature of the Sefrim.[Amash Akura]
Molok claimed the Sefrim could “have given eternal life to anyone, and spare them from all suffering, but they jealously withheld from who they considered lesser beings.”[Molok the Deceiver]
The Sani Sabik are associated with the hunt for eternal life.[Blood Raiders]
A number of natural disasters are attributed to him.[Amash Akura]
Molok claimed the Sefrim were responsible for the disasters.[Molok the Deceiver]

  Molok conquered half of Amarr Island, throwing the Empire in chaos.[Molok the Deceiver]
  Amash Akura cast out the Sefrim for not aiding him against Molok.[Amash Akura]
  [The Enheduanni don't fight their own wars. They have others fight for them.[Theodicy]]

16585AD Civil war ends, Moloks forces routed at the Battle of Edras.[Amash Akura]
Molok is sacrificed to god, Amash Akura dies the next day.[Amash Akura]
A long period of peace and stability began.[Amash Akura]
Rebuilding was slow. The population had been decimated and infrastructure was in ruins.[Amash Akura][Molok the Deceiver]

AD 20078 The Reclaiming is launched. The Amarrians start a war to conquer all the lands on Athra.[Timeline]
Sani Sabik cult arises.[Sani Sabik]
Based on Scriptures sed to justify the Reclaiming, the Emperor, and the rise of the Holder class.[Sani Sabik]
They believe certain people were born destined for greatness, with all others existing solely to serve and breed these savants.[Sani Sabik]
They also beleive these savants can attain immortality.
[Possibly, the Sani Sabik developed from the followers of Molok.]

  The cult became notorious and its existence began to threaten the orthodoxy and the religiously based power of the Emperor himself, who ordered the cult exterminated.[Sani Sabik]
  Though many, the cult was no match for the Church's inquisitors and was soon shattered. The few adherents who escaped were forced into hiding, carrying on their practices in isolated cells. Every few decades, the Church would uncover a growing colony of Sani Sabik adherents and cleanse them.[Sani Sabik]

  The cult remained suppressed for thousands of years (actually a maximum of 1,212yrs) until the Amarr spread beyond their home world.[Sani Sabik]

21290AD Amarr rediscover intertellar travel.[Slavery]
Presented with the opportunity to grow away from the watchful eye of the Church, small groups of Sani Sabik departed for parts unknown, to settle new colonies and build their strength.[Sani Sabik]

  One such group departed soon after spaceflight was developed, using primitive cryo-ships to settle far from the Amarr homeworld in the Araz constellation.[Sani Sabik]
  These early settlers founded the Takmahl empire, which grew to great technological heights within a few hundred years. The empire, however, floundered and eventually collapsed under its own religion, leaving behind only scattered relics.[Sani Sabik]


  The Unsullied are the group of Jovians that have rejected further generic experiments and instead adopt conventional methods to deal with sickness and old age. Genetic engineering has through the centuries transformed Jovian society in every aspect imaginable. Many Jovians, denoted as Unsullied, believe that enough has been done. They are advocates of cyber-implants and want to use machines instead of genes in the search for better life.[Statics]
  [Presuably, if Jovians aided Nation, aid was provided by the Unsullied.]

By Kaito Haakaanian

Couple things wrong here. First, the Talocan didn’t die out, and they were much, much more powerful than the Jove. They left the cluster, leaving some of their handiwork behind, like Anoikis and the Dyson Swarm.

The Sleepers didn’t die out either, nor were they even their own race! They’re refugees from the Second Jove Empire who fled to Anoikis, and live in virtual reality to this day. As a consequence of this, several digital entities have sprung up within the enclaves, one of which was The Other who inhabited Jamyl.


Like I said, it was a condensed version of the Lore.

Anyway can you provide a link to an official source?

TBH I’m not sure, but I looking into more this may be from Tony G’s , Templar 1 . (Which I have not Read) B

Is Zhi Fen-Chun your alt character?

No :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No, the Sleeper enclaves are empty, they all left. All that is there are abandoned clones.

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