What/Who is Eve?

I’m not strictly speaking a new player but what is Eve ?

It must be something in the lore because there are Sisters of Eve and the Eve Gate

It isn’t the name the name of the place because that is New Eden

So what is it ?

EVE Gate

So it’s a gate or a wormhole or are gates built on wormholes ?

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EvE gate is a wormhole.

Making a pilgrimage to the evegate used to be kind of something newer players did.

It’s a unique thing.

tldr for those who don’t have time to read the chronicles:

  • Earth becomes technologically advanced

  • Massive megacorps pretty much dominate life (but this is no big deal… really!)

  • Humanity expands to the stars using jumpgate technology

  • Humanity exhausts the resources of every place they touch within their sphere of influence

  • A giant, naturally occurring wormhole is discovered. Initial exploration shows a star cluster on the other side rich in resources. But no one has any idea where it is in relation to Earth

  • The wormhole is dubbed EVE and the star cluster beyond it called New Eden

  • People flock to the star cluster and Megacorps scramble to plant their flags. Stargates are put up all over the cluster

  • (?) The wormhole destabilizes. Structures are erected to keep it stable. (note: this may have been retconned since I last read the Chronicles)

  • People and organizations continue to pour in

  • Wormhole completely destabilizes and its collapse takes out the whole stargate network

  • Almost everyone goes back to stone age tech or dies out… the exceptions being the Jovians and some other human factions that mostly keep to themselves.

  • 20,000 years later humans are advanced enough to go back to the stars

  • Ancient stargates are discovered and are reverse engineered

  • Tech advances further

  • Empires discover each other

  • Wars ensue

  • Capsuleer tech is given by the Jovians to the rest of the cluster (for some reason)

Here is a cool annotated story made by the DEVs:


Well this is pretty cool

so like, what time is it now? I see it says 20,000 years ago.


Timelines for all the races. :slight_smile:







EvE is a constellation in the region Genesis, to that constellation belong the first systems (New Eden, Promised Land, Dead End, etc…) ever founded and colonized 20K years ago from the human race.

The name „EvE“ was given to the first constellation founded as a symbolic for a new beginning (Adam/Eve, Genesis, 1st chapter in the bible about the „Creation“).

The WH that leaded to this constellation named the „EvE Gate“ and ‘til today the term „New Eden“ is still continue to be used since the very first system ever founded and colonized - in matter of fact we all have exactly the same origins and everywhere in the galaxy we all are still citizens of the New Eden.

Lore aside, and this is apocryphal, but some have said that Eve comes from Everyone vs. Everyone referring to the core design of the game.


And others have said Everyone vs No one referring to the fundamental flaw. lol

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