Time line questions

  1. How far into the future from today is the discovery of the Eve Gate?

  2. How long did the Eve Gate stay open?

  3. How long after the collapse of the wh is the current Eden?

ps- If the wh collapsed, what is it you are seeing when you go to the New Eden system?

7703 AD was when the EVE wormhole formed/was discovered, and 7987 AD was when the fully Stabilized Gate was established.

The collapse occurred in 8061 AD

And the current ‘YC’ calendar in EVE began in 23236 AD(YC0)

The current date in New Eden is YC123

Regarding what you see in the New Eden system, the remnant of the wormhole still remains and spews out large amounts of radiation from what we know.


So an actual jump gate was built to New Eden? I thought it was only a natural wh.

It was a stabilizing network around the natural wormhole on both sides from what little we know, so not really a ‘jump gate’ as we normally think of them in-game

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I believe the expectation was the wormhole would go away, and so the gates were built to ensure New Eden wasn’t cut off completely. Although the gates (at least the one on our end) went into uncontrolled meltdown, the wormhole ironically appears to still be open - just not necessarily (or continuously) to the same place on the other end.

This has to be one of the longest running expansion setups without an associated expansion in MMO history lol.


From what the lore says, any attempt to go in would be still be fatal. This isn’t a problem for capsuleers, who will just respawn in a station, but it’s a one-way trip into a brick wall, regardless.


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