History of EVE?

So I know that in the far future humans found a wormhole on the outskirts of the solar system, traveled through it and colonized the other side. The wormhole blew up and 4 empires form, then thousands of years later we are here.

So is there a place I can find a more detailed version of this? I read the empires of EVE and with personal experience I know the capsuleer story, but what about the empire, pirate factions, and precursors?


Do you mean the interim period before the games present day and… Present day? A lot is intentionally left blank. Not 100% sure of its canonicity at this point, but the original EVE intro was quite generous about the time period before the Eve wormhole was found, most of what we know from that time comes from that intro alone.

As for most other history, generally it is scattered around the histories of the empires, the backstage wiki and fiction portal have some in-depth historical pages of the ancient histories of the Federation, for example.

In the lore resources megathread there is linked the timeline slider which is really extensive and chronological: I’d say its even your best bet to find most information neatly organized in one place, whereas generally EVEs history stuff is scattered around in passing mentions in news, chronicles, wiki pages etc.

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I was just about to recommend the fiction portal and timeline slider too :+1:

Both are definately worth checking out.


Thanks those help. Is that timeline updated regularly?

I’ve just checked, and the timeline includes news stories as recent as last week.

The Lore Survival Guide is a good read covering all the different factions, pirates and important names/events throughout the history of EVE

If you’re interested in a book format, I’d highly recommend EVE: Source.

It’s a great starting point for everything EVE.

Yeah it’s made and updated by a player known as @darkezero , so it probably updates on schedule of RL permitting, but so far that I know, of, if there’s a news item, it’s updated soon after. But it is really, really extensive as it is.

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The current 4 empires didn’t form right away there were the precursor races first which died out or moved from our area of space

Slightly off topic but def. related if you wanna peer inside the life of EvE. There’s a few books around. I have The Empyrean Age and The Burning Life so far. Templar One is on my to get list but I haven’t much time to read.

The most complete history articles for New Eden are the History of the Amarr Empire and History of the Gallente Federation articles. They are long reads, but great.


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