Why no one claims the EVE gate?

Pretty much that question. Probably just a noob wondering.

Why no player corp has ever tried to claim the “Sovereignty” of the gate (not proper sovereignty since it’s in the hisec bubble)??

The EVE Gate system? It’s low sec and worthless. No stations, agents, resources, strategic value.

In the neighbor “promised land” there are some. And I’m not referring only the New Eden system with the eve wormhole, pretty much the entire EVE region. It’s so symbolic in the lore

My question is how did it stay open so long? I know that originally the EVE Gate opened up for decades before it was stable, but how did it stay open before the stabilization? Wormholes last for 24 hours, and can hold finite mass in space time.

Also, how did it collapse and cause a massive explosion? Wormhole collapses dont cause a explosion at all.

Not all wormholes are equal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gameplay wise the area is worthless.
Occasionally I believe some player corps try to claim the area, but leave soon because of the above. I think various Amarr RP groups afford it some reverence but not particularly notably.

Lorewise I’m more surprised the Amarr haven’t secured it as highsec since it holds religious importance, unless I’m mistaken, some believe it to be the gate to Heaven. Not sure if Amarr in general or some splinter group of theirs, just don’t remember.

IIRC the original intro noted it to be a natural, stable wormhole, whereas the wormholes in the game are artificially induced by the Isogen-5 criticality -event a.k.a. Seyllin disaster for the average joe in the empires.

The EVE wormhole lore is kind of mixed up, because lots of writers, and terms are often used interchangeably between the wormhole and the gate both being often called EVE gate.

AFAIK it goes like this. The natural wormhole to New Eden is discovered in the Canopus system. Settlers pour in and soon after begin building two massive stargates, ADAM in Canopus (according to CCP Eterne I believe) and EVE in New Eden. Some decades later, the wormhole collapses as expected. The artificial wormhole between the gates works fine for something like a century, until disaster of unknown causes strikes, and there is a violent explosion of some sort that destroys everything in the system. The fledgling stargate network in New Eden is rendered inoperable due to cascading treknobabbley effects of the EVE -gates major malfunction (or something), isolating the settlers, most still entirely unable to sustain themselves without trade. Rest is history.


Sisters of EVE studied it, there was also a capsuleer place of remembrance where people anchored containers with messages, it is object of pilgrimage and there were some Goner Temple members around.

People sometimes go for exploration trips there, or some pirates fly around waiting for explorers.

I think its like appendix in the digestive system, nobody really thinks its very important, but people remember there is something like it, sometimes are curious what its all about…

Could be difficult claiming something you can’t use or approach due to the immense gravitational/special/whatever forces that will tear your ship apart if you get near it. Anything of true value around it was covered up by the Jove (not sure how that lore still applies exactly after all these years). No-one else has the real ability to take it away from you anyway.

I read that all the time. What does that incident involve?

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The “End of the world” -chronicle hexalogy is all about the disaster. Really long story short, Seyllin I is a planet destroyed in the Isogen-5 event, just one of many but gave it a face since it had something like a few billion people living in it.

The Isogen-5 event is then the simultaneous destruction of carefully positioned quantum entangled stockpiles of Isogen-5 around New Eden cluster that caused stars of specific spectrum (O1) to go nova in the Eve cluster and beyond. This was planned and done millennia ago in the early days of colonization, as only ancient terrans knew how to produce/capture and store the Isogen-5 material en masse.

This in turn was a feat of stellar engineering by an unknown ancient terran faction - Talocan are at the time heavily assumed to be the culprits but not certain - that caused the appearance of the artificial wormholes in New Eden by manipulating the very fabric of space-time.


I wouldn’t call them pirates as they are not really looking for cargo and only something to shoot at, it is absolutely nuts to me the length people go to waiting for hours sometimes just to shoot at someone, I know its a game and all but that is quite mad.

The event actually unfolded “live” during the server downtime when the Apocrypha expansion was released. It started off as some reported disruptions in the Seyllin system.

Dozens of reports including loss of contact, distress calls, fleet mobilisations followed. Relevant articles are dated at 2009-03-10 @ 00:00 hrs.

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Pretty sure the Goner Temple was active in the X Series of games, if memory serves, they give you save insurance, they in Eve Online too?, would say small world hehe.

Strictly sovereignly speaking : it is Amarr (cf). They don’t have to claim it because they already own it.

As opposed to the house people spend mining rocked or shooting blips in one mission sight or the other?

You can split hairs if you want, there is a difference but it’s you’re world inside your skull.

Wait… now i really want to know what the difference is

No you don’t, because it will only lead to disagreement, you have you’re thoughts and I have mine.
Although I understand the reasoning behind the view it is the actions behind it, the intent of which I am referring too, and it is that part that most people will deny because it is easier to accept.


Most people deny their problem areas, but most don’t make real effort to change or fix these flaws, most people say f u and carry on because it’s easier.