Why no one claims the EVE gate?

(Alessa Khan) #21

i’ve been on the system close to the anomaly and there’s some capsuleer structures anchored around.

however if you mean the EVE Gate itself. that thing is currently unclaimable due to the radiation and phenomena manifesting from it. too unstable to get close for a reasonable amount of time.

(Teinyhr) #22

You’re right. IIRC the gate-slash-wormhole is 3 light years away from the actual system.

(Edamielle Nulvelith) #23

@Teinyhr I’m still fairly new to the lore and all, but from what I’ve read the Eve gate was the gate to the promised land/heaven, in THIS direction - God gave us New Eden as a garden in which the chosen and righteous were meant to grow.

And the Lord spake, and said, Lo, my people,
Witness, for I have made the worlds of Heaven;
And these worlds I give to you, My Chosen,
So Amarr shall rule the worlds of the Heavens.

None shall stand higher than you save the Sefrim,
Who serve Me as others shall serve you,
For all things under Me serve one higher;
So Amarr shall rule the worlds of the Heavens.

As Garrulor rules the skies; as Frisceas rules the sea;
As Emperor rules Holder; as Holder rules Serf;
Yet all under Heaven serve Me;
So shall Amarr rule the worlds of the Heavens.
- The Scriptures, Book of Reclaiming 3.19 - 3.21

Presumably, since the Sisters of Eve are researching the gate and believe God to be actually located on the other side, I believe the old galaxy we came from is the mortal realm; the apocalypse came, and the rapture happened, and those who were raptured were sent through the gate to New Eden. But the old world still has its sinners and whoever else didn’t get raptured, and God likely has his hands full dealing with them, and closed the gate in order to keep the heavens seperate from the mortal realm.