Just some questions from a new capsuleer

Hello veterans of new eden!
I have a few questions :stuck_out_tongue:

What are “frigate holes”
What is an “eviction of a corp”
What do the capital strucutures do
(ishtar, keepstar,…)
what are “static wormholes”
And how do people hunt ships in High sec?
There is SO MUCH to do in the game and stuff i would probably never find out so i asked some of my current questions here :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok. So, there are stargates all over the place, I’m sure you know about those from the tutorial - they link solar systems together.

There are also wormholes, that work like startgates, but are temporary links between systems.

New Eden consists of a galactic cluster of solar systems, divided into highsec, lowsec, and nullsec. In addition, there is a separate group of solar systems known as Anoikis. Nobody calls it that. It should be called J-Space because (almost) all of the solar systems have names that start with a “J.” Most people call it “wormhole space,” which is quite confusing - since the wormholes are the “stargates” not the systems.

Anyway, on to your questions.

  1. Frigate holes are wormholes that will only allow frigates through, and maybe a few things that are slightly bigger.
  2. Some J-Space systems have permanent occupants, with their own stations and fleets of ships. If another group comes along and blows up their structure and destroys their fleet, that is called an eviction.
  3. The highsec NPC stations that you dock at are permanent and allow everybody to dock. Players can build their own stations that do the same thing. The player owned structures are called citadels or upwell structures - and the players can choose who has docking rights to them. These citadels are also vulnerable to attack by other players.
  4. All J-Space systems have wormholes to get to other systems. Some of those wormholes come from other systems, but each J-space system has a couple of “static wormholes” that are always present. These static wormholes consistently lead to certain types of systems. A J-space system might have a null static and a C5 static, for example, meaning that you can always take a wormhole to nullsec and to a C5 wormhole - the actual systems will vary, but the type of destination will remain the same.
  5. I’m not sure what you are asking about hunting people in highsec. There are killrights, there are wars, and there is ganking.

To touch on the structure aspect, certain structures will allow titans to be docked up. Titans are the largest ships in game, so not just any structure can be docked with a Titan. Also titans are only available in null, maybe low and wh too, not sure about it.

An Ishtar is a tech 2 Gallente cruiser. I see the names both end in ‘tar’ so I can see where you might have thought otherwise.

* Originally I said both end in ‘star’, which I see now isn’t the case, but if you know me you are probably laughing knowingly and thinking about how this error suits me perfectly.

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i am happy you are curious and want to learn but you asked too many questions on very large subjects
I suggest you to first use eve-uni topics, which will teach you many things

for example https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Wormholes, https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Upwell_structures, https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Ishtar, etc

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