Are there any static wormholes to the same highsec solar system?

So being an Asian bitch I am used to guys whom are interested in wormholes. Always trying to jump into mine. But lately I have been jumping into wormholes myself and having some fun too.

Question is: ARE there any STATIC wormholes which connect FROM the same Anoikis space to the same High Sec Solar System?

If that question is not clear enough let me give an example. Let’s say the Anoikis space is called XX69. I find it by jumping through an unstable wormhole gate in let’s say AMSEN. Is there EVER a situation where Anoikis space XX69 would always have a STATIC wormhole that will open and connect to AMSEN ONLY?

I have seen wormholes with static High Sec opening that will connect to seemingly random high sec systems. But I am wanting to locate one in the SAME High Sec solar system which always connects to the same Anoikis system. Do they exist?

Domo Arigato

No. But Thera does lead to “everywhere” and “nowhere”.

So a wormhole dweller must simply live with the fact that when you return to High Security space, it could be anywhere in High Security space, and that’s how it will always be?

The hi-sec static will change to a new system within 24 hours or earlier if the wormhole is rolled. The only thing that will be certain is that the replacement wormhole will always connect to a hi-sec system. This could be anywhere from a few jumps from Jita to the middle of nowhere in Ammatar space. This randomness of your connections, even back to K-space, is a fact of life for anyone who lives in J-space (wormhole space). Anyone who ventures out of their wormhole to hi-sec should have an alt or fellow corpmates inside the wormhole who can help them find home again if the wormhole they departed from vanished before they return.

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Yes. And wormholers would prefer it this way. Imagine someone having an open door to your home to come in anytime they want. That’s what a wormhole that leads to the same system all the time would be like.

@OP, you have a 1 in 2605 chance of getting a static to the same system. Meaning if you have a static to known space and as others have said, it’s random in nature. However, there is an exception to this and that being the Unidentified wormholes or Drifter WHs if you will.

Depending on which Drifter WH opens say in Pera (0.5) in hisec, you can only access which ever of the five drifter WHs every four days and the entry has only a 12-16 hour timer. Once you are inside tho you’ll have to scan ALL the sigs down and then go and see where they lead to in K-space, I know I lived in one for a few days.

They call those Stargates. And yes. The lack of them is what makes wh space awesome.

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I agree. Tis the OP who wouldn’t mind anyone coming in his house anytime. Not me. No way.

i remember c2 loop hole that has c2 hs static c3 and that c3 had random connection to first c2 hole,encountered this few times.

I have seen the same. Trying to explain it is a bitch but you did it.

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