Wormhole Connection Question

Can any wormhole have a random low or high sec connection?

I use Anoik.is for info when im looking for a connection, and it will often say something like:

K346>ns static + possible wandering V301>c1, I182>c2, N968>c3, T405>c4, N770>c5, A982>c6, F135>thera

Does this mean aside from the NS Static, you can only ever find connections to other wormholes in this site? Or is it always possible for a random LS or HS wormhole? Wondering if i would be wasting my time scanning it all down.


As you know, wormholes have statics. These will respawn a wormhole connection of that same type whenever the existing static connection dies from mass or time. K162 is the ass end of any wormhole connection.

Outbound wormhole connections (like the I182, etc) also can randomly appear in all wormholes except C4 space. C4 wormholes historically have never allowed random outbound wormholes until the introduction of frigate sized holes. Now you can get outbound frigate holes in C4 space.

So yes, it is possible any wormhole (outside of the above C4) could have a k-space wandering/random wormhole but it might be rare. It is never a waste of time scanning down all the signatures in a wormhole.

Exactly what I wanted to know, thank you sir!

It means that no connection to LS or HS can originate from that system. However, there is possibility that connections originating from LS or HS leads to that system. See:

I consider the random or wandering as a dynamic wh, as opposed to the static wh.

Not so long back CCP seem to have added WH exits as randomly spawning sigs and you can get any that are relevant to your class of WH spawn just like any other sigs.

Usually if you have a K162 in your system then that WH would have been spawned in another system and so if you’re in WH space then your WH has been chosen to be the exit point (Praise Bob!)
The other side of the WH will have a relevant WH Identifier like N110. Tho there is a certain logical pattern to them. N110 you likely only would see in your Wh (or possibly lo sec or null sec) and in Hi sec the identifier would always be K162.

This link can be a handy guide on the types of Wormholes : http://www.ellatha.com/eve/wormholelist.asp

There is a little trick to them too … If you scan a Wh sig in your Wh system then if it has spawned in your WH then it won’t actually generate the Exit (K162) at the other end until someone warps to it (or a certain time had passed). So if you know your Wh static is the new sig you can kinda keep the door closed presently for a while by not warping to the sig once scanned out.
If you find a K162 in your system then someone had most likely already spawned the wh on the other side by warping to it so expect visitors unless they have already been and found nothing to stick around for (for now)

Though on the topic of WHs it seems lately they are spawning more frequently (or we’ve been particularly lucky/unlucky) as of the past 2 days all the new sigs that spawned in our WH space… 100% have been Wh exits :roll_eyes: :unamused:
Guess CCP want to increase the likelihood of “more fun content” … or just want hole Rollers to get lots more practice at waiting out polarisation :sleeping:

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