Increased Roaming Connections?

A friend and I have recently started living in J-space. For the first weeks or so our hole rarely had more than 1-2 roaming connections, but as of late, we’ve had upwards of 4-6. All other holes we’ve explored also have similarly staggering numbers of connections (I was recently in a C3 with 7 connections!) Anyone else experiencing this/know why this might be happening?

RNG is R

Really, part of living in wormholes is the random nature of it. Some times you get a lot, some times you don’t.

The Random Number Generator is Random. :innocent:


Happens on and off.

Few weeks and you’ll not get a roaming for several days.

i came here wondering the same type of thing. it seems over the last few days that the wandering connection spawn has increased significantly and i have seen 3 pirate data/relic sigs in 2 days worth of wh explo.

i think RNGeesus is smoking something but it also seemed to coincide with the Wednesday patch.

Come back in a few days and tell us how it’s going.

Yeah, don’t let a temporary luck run in the RNG make you expect this, or you’ll be here complaining next week when you get 1 site all week.

it happends all the time, you just arent here to see it.
you’re observing one of thousand wormhole systems for extended periods of time,
every other system you encounter, you only see for less than a day.
it then disapears from your radar.
more could be explained if you could access the code on the server but that’s not possible. you could however use to model how often that could happend.
in the past there has been a massive study on how much and where wandering wormholes spawn, the results might have been lost to time and / or no longer valid.
long story short, this is likely sample biais, which humans are prone to fall for.
i saw myself a system Filled with a massive number of various anoms, sigs and whs not so long ago.
stuck around, and it normalized within the normal despawn time of the anoms : )