Increase in Wandering Hole Connections

It seems that with the new wandering hole changes, systems commonly have upwards of 3 to as many as 5 connections at any one time; rather than this being a rare occurrence our home hole is connected to 5 holes, each of which is connected in turn this way.

I’m curious to see if this is an unusual observation so far. Currently our Tripwire chain is absolutely stuffed with new systems! I am getting the impression that in this patch, CCP is trying to reduce our dependence on wormhole rolling by opening up more connections more frequently.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

That should be permanent. Then it’s an exchange for retiring multibox miners. Now the wormholers have to register more (eye) alts for all connections. :laughing:

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Not true if you are the hunter.

Not really. They are trying to deplete stockpiles by forcefully giving us reasons to throw our toys at each other. Some will gleefully accept the challenge, others will decide to move out of w-space because it is now too much of a threat for them to handle or simply be evicted. It’s a net win unless you’re one of the victims.

Not sure evictions are what wormholes need to be honest and i’d rather have seen additional exits put into the game with some sort of lore behind it, for example; Sanshas nation could have been used as a reason, them toying with wormhole connections could have opened up new sites in jspace and added occasional sansha spawns onto some connections as well as being a reason to increase sansha incursions and add new sites to space in general - this i feel would get more people looking at wormholes, certainly if there was a good chance of gudloots…
And id still like to see random inspace SOE agents appear from time to time either asking for help (reps, rescue, fuel, kill rats that are pointing them… w/e).
Currently most of the people who frequent around wormholes seem to be either really new, looking for relic sites or just plain hunting others - and all of these are fewer than i think is good?

mode “joke and troll” on: ooooh i am disappointed, what about the usual wormholers propaganda about "we are elite pvp guys and we are not like these dirty carebears/miners/botters/F1 monkeys " nullseccers?
:wink: :wink: :wink:

tru storie

TBF, we didnt make a massive threadnaught like they did for blackout when they added more connections.

Heh. I mean, you can just make an alt squad of rollers if you’re pro enough. I wouldn’t tinfoil about pickets too much.

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