Celebrating 11 Years of Wormholes

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So I’ve just heard about CCP celebrating 11 years of wormholes by ‘Greatly’ increasing connectivity. This will be great news for the hunters and bad news for the small corps that try to sustain themselves in an already challenging but fun environment.

PvP is great, but so is having some time to kick back and mine some crappy gas or data sites etc. Rolling holes can be a PIA but to ‘greatly’ increase the number of connections is going to be a huge change where I believe it isn’t needed…or is it, what am I missing?

Spawn rates of combat, gas, data/relic sites could definitely do with an increase but to specifically choose ‘connections’ I wonder where this has come from?

What’s the general feeling of this within the wormhole community?

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This is a good update. +1

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Translation: I don’t want anyone else in my WH using my private sites and private gas and all of MY PRIVATE STUFF! MINE! STAY AWAY FROM MAH ST00FZ!!!

High class wandering connections will have the greater increase, that means more chance to find content, not impacting small corps as they usually go for lower class WHs.

Overall, very good change, specially the fact CCP is getting rid of farming drifters with citadels.


Thank you Duo,

Appreciate your reply, you’ve made it abit clearer.


@FairyTail_Omaristos you need a new translator or maybe just a troll.


Damn, that’s even better news.


Also included in that Dev Blog:


This year, the Guardian’s Gala - the annual get together for the Angel Cartel and Serpentis pirates to celebrate their spoils - is not only taking place in k-space, but there will also be more challenging sites with more unique rewards in wormhole space! Running from 13 to 24 February, the rewards for Capsuleers who successfully gatecrash the outlaws’ celebrations will include the new Savior Angel Cartel Logistics Implant Set.

Sooo, the event sites will be spawning in w-space too, and the sites will drop new implants.

Definitely sounds like w-space is getting some attention. I wonder if players will have to go there to collect the whole implant set.

He actually is spot on miner

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And your point is?

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CCP updates in 2020, some database changes. Starting to wonder if this game is still worth the money. Especially with the connectivity issues the last two weeks. All CCP seems to be doing at the moment is to tweak the database so people loose more stuff and they sell more plex. This isnt my concept of fun to be honoust.


Better connectivity between wormholes —> higher chances stuff gets blown in space —> more PLEX bought.


yeah i heard on the csm minutes they were looking at that, its more of a nerf to wormholers than “love”


-> more fun playing Eve.

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My wormhole alt’s PI funds my other character’s PvP :woozy_face:
I’m conflicted…


Wormholes connectivity before the patch is fine. It is meaningful content that is missing, especially for lower class wormholes. Now we get the same crappy content with even more risk. Good job idiot devs.

The devs do not realize that the big WH corps issue is that they do not have people to hunt because WH space is not worth the risk. So their patch makes the worthless content more dangerous and less worth the risk.

So you are saying 1.2b/Hr at a minimum is not worth the risk? it is, and yeah now you are not gonna be able to sustain a farmhole that easily as before so bigger groups will have to use their static or wanderings to farm… as it was intended imo, that means you will be able to find ppl ratting and be able to bring some sort of response fleet, not as now that if you find a farm they just dock up or you blow them up but you miss on the actuall pvp.

And actually this is what a lot of big WH groups wanted, more connectivity to find more pvp


Is it an event or a patch?

by my own farm, each site of a C5 with driffter is around 600m if you do the sites in shitty time you spend around 4 cycles of siege (20min) then do the math

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