Roaming wormholes

How do they work? K162 Whs and roaming none K162. For instance Ive seen say a U210 in C3 with C2, HS statics. How did that U210 get there? Shouldn’t it be a K162?

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K162 signatures are wormholes that originated in another system. So if a C4 has a C1 static, when that holes spawns it will appear as a K162 in the C1, and a (for example) P060 in the C4. Same for roaming/wandering holes - originating system has a type code, the other system is a K162 (IIRC).

OK but I frequently find non static whs with type codes. I want to know how those got there.

Yes, non-static holes follow the same system.

I got it now thanks.

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Those non-static wormholes are called “wandering” wormholes and can occur in any system. That said there are some sites that contain a lot of information on wspace connections and may refer to wandering connections as well. However, the information regarding the specific nature of how and why these spawn will likely never be released by the devs (if any are still around who could explain this).

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If a wormhole connecting two systems is never scanned on either side, after it collapses, was it ever really there?


yes it was there.

How do you know? Huh?

There’s always to check which codes can show up in each system class (HS/LS/Null and WH systems by Class) and where they’ll drop you (also maximum mass per jump/total and duration).

The other end of any WH is always a K162, as stated before, but you can still get some information out of it by cheking them. You can find if they lead to K-Space (and security band), or which WH classes are possible (Unknow Space for C1 to C3, Dangerous Unknow Space for C4 and C5, and Deadly Unknown Space for C6) K162 to Thera will say it’s to Thera, not sure o how the ones to Drifter WHs show up. It also tells, vaguely, maximum mass per jump (up to [size] ships can pass).

The wormhole spawning mechanics has been discussed in the recently old forums:

If no one warps to the wormhole entrance, K162 never spawns.

The Signature is there. If you close your static in a C1 one for example, the new signature shows up. It will be always the same over the next days until someone is warping to it. I tested it for 3 days until there was an inbound WH and someone opend it.

yeah but I thought, that a rolled WH Sig will open anyway after appox 8-15 hours, depending on its natural lifecircle.

So, if you rolled it and didn´t warp, the hole will open up by itself after a time and of course collapse within its lifecircle, no matter if someone warped there ore not.

also, from the old forums and this is my understanding as well:

Lugh Crow-Slave wrote:
no timer starts until it has been warped to (the wh doesn’t even exist until then) once warped to it will not show up until you jump it. this lasts until the WH has 15hrs left at that point every few minutes there is a chance for the K162 to spawn. took me a bit but managed to find the dev blog

As Averon posted below, there is a chance for the K162 to spawn regardless of whether or not someone initiates warp to it from the static side of the connection (e.g. H296). This was changed some years back. Prior to that, you are correct that if no one initiated warp to the wormhole from the static side the associated K162 would never spawn. That fact was (ab)used to make home wormhole systems very very safe to krab in. Much to the frustration of those who hunted said krabs.

No, there is no chance of K162 spawning if no one warps to the other side of it.

You missed the part that said:

IF the K162 signature is in an invisible state and the wormhole connection has less than 15 hours of lifetime remaining, it will have a chance of becoming visible every few minutes, balanced so that virtually all K162s will appear within a couple hours or less from this point.

This means that IF no one has warped to the static and therefore the K162 is invisible, THEN IF the static has less than 15 hours of life left there will be a chance of the K162 becoming visible (spawning) every few minutes.

Wrong. If no one warps to the static there is no K162. It only becomes invisible if someone initiate warps to the static.

Edit: quoting Fozzie: “Under this system, the K162 spawning mechanics would be as follows:
K162 wormholes and signatures are spawned in an invisible state when someone initiated warp to the other side of the connection.”
“Even with the timer, K162s will never appear unless someone has initiated warp to the other side.”

Ah you’re correct. Had to go back and refresh myself on the full comments. I had forgotten that they didn’t actually address the isolation aspect (wishful thinking on my part).

JFYI If a drifter warps to a unopened K162 and you combat probe it you can go backwards into an unopened WH. Spooky