K162 spawn mechanics?

How spawn k162 now, scaning or jump trouch wormhole triggered k162, how much time need for spawn k162 from new static wormhole?

Is the diagram still relevant?


Yes. :slight_smile:

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Never trust a mechanic that you cannot control yourself.

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If the WH has 24h lifetime, initiating warp and being on grid, the WH still doesn’t spawn for 4 hours.

Hello Burgomaster of Dantan,

Wormhole dynamics and K162 mechanics can be quite intricate, and I appreciate your quest for clarity. Drawing from insights shared with me by experienced wormholers in my alliance, here’s an outline of the mechanics as I understand them:

  1. Scanning vs. Warping:
  • Simply scanning down a non-K162 has no bearing on the visibility of the K162 on the other side.
  • Conversely, the act of warping to the non-K162 will definitively cause the corresponding K162 to spawn on its other end.
  1. Visibility Timeframes:
  • Should no one warp to a non-K162, the K162 remains hidden on the opposite side for a duration of 2 hours.
  • As time progresses beyond 2 hours and before hitting the 4-hour mark, there are periodic checks. With each check, the probability increases for the K162 to manifest on the other side.
  • If the non-K162 remains unapproached for a total of 4 hours, the K162 counterpart becomes undeniably visible on its other end.
  1. Distinguishing Statics from Non-Statics:
  • The above mechanics apply uniformly to both static and non-static wormholes.
  • One nuance is that you can’t inherently tell if a non-static is a K162 without making the decision to warp to it. However, should your static wormhole vanish and you observe a new signature emergence, it’s a reasonable assumption that this is your new static, even if you don’t directly warp to it.
  1. Visibility Nuances of K162:
  • The presence of a K162 indicates its other side is visible. This means if you encounter a K162 in your system, other players have already had a chance to access it, signaling potential activity or interest in your space.
  1. Safety Considerations:
  • An intriguing aspect is that Drifters possess the capability to warp to K162s that remain invisible to players. This means players can then warp to a Drifter and jump the invisible K162, underlining the reality that safety in wormhole space is, at best, tenuous.
  • The spontaneous appearance of a K162 is always a possibility, and there’s a real risk of adversaries springing an ambush within mere minutes.

While the above captures the essence of what was conveyed to me, I should mention that I don’t have specific references to validate this data apart from the valuable insights of my alliance mates.

Stay vigilant as you navigate wormhole space. The unpredictability is part of its charm, but it’s also what keeps us on our toes.

Fly safe,
Serathi Geos

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If nobody were to ever scan/warp to a static wormhole, it will never spawn on either side until someone eventually does warp to it.

Chloroken documented this in his YouTube series via a wormhole he scanned down but did not warp to, and when he finally warped to the wormhole **a week later ** he found a fresh hole that only has a 4.5 hour lifespan.
It’s worth noting he did that in a c13 that receives very little traffic.

P.S. Drifters no longer warp to unspawned wormholes, that has been patched for quite some time now. Also I like that you used the word “Undeniably” to describe an idea that is, in fact, deniable and incorrect.

P.S.S. Your whole post gives me some serious ChatGPT vibes


When I asked for clarification on this specific point in alliance, people with more experience than me refuted it. There is a lot of conflicting information on the topic of K162s, and I do not have anything 100% authoritative and conclusive. Furthermore, the existing information I found largely consists of people summarizing their understanding at a point in time, but CCP sometimes subsequently changes things.

If the video is handy, please link it for the benefit of the conversation and future readers.

No contest, but there is a lot of conflicting information and conflicting reports. Are you aware of an authoritative report regarding the patched drifter behavior? If so, a link would be great.

I had trouble finding up to date authoritative information on K162 spawn mechanics and safety implications when I looked, and that is why I asked alliance mates about their experience. I cannot vouch for whether the information they provided is both up to date and otherwise correct, but operating as if it is has not led to any problems in practice.

These people are wrong. See this post where there is info from CCP DEVS themselves:

Yes, I have read that post. It is a 2017 post that references an older 2014 post. My reading of the 2014 thread is that the CCP developer is talking about hypothetical changes that might be made as of 2014. Do we have anything authoritative communications since then about changes after they have actually been implemented? What about changes in the 9 years since the 2014 thread? Many mechanics do not need to change, so maybe there have been no changes to K162s since 2014.

I’m open to anyone being wrong, but I want to know what the actual mechanics are. There is a lot of conflicting information.

Drifter is still warping to hidden holes , it is considered that if u have 24 h hole and u just warped to it , it’ll be hidden on the other side. Once there is less than 16h left on its life time there will be random checks for k162 spawns on the other side.

Fly dangerous and happy new year

It is the last official information on k162 available.

You can test this. Find an empty C3, roll all connections. Wait ~6hours to warp to the new static. It will collapse 16 hours from the time you warped to it, not from the time you last rolled the older static.
This means that the static life starts counting when you initiated warp to it.

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