How long are you "safe" for after closing off your hole

Let’s say you close all your holes, your new statics pop up (16hr ones), you don’t warp to them.

How long have you got before your Statics Start showing up in other systems as K162’s?

I know it’s been asked and answered before but I am looking for a definitive up-to-date answer.

Thanks in advance

K162 can be scanned at other side when:
you jump through the wormhole
wormhole life < 15 hours, chance to be appeared in increasing rate
100% shown in other side when life < 4hours


Near instant spawn for N110 HS static.

This is just a part of residing inside a wormhole. You never know where the front and back doors to your home will land. There have been times where all the exits point to other J space systems, which is the best time inside to mine gas and ore. I can reasonably mine undisturbed and wander off to do the dishes or watch a movie. Sometimes the high sec exit lands out in some unused or less traveled part of Metro or Hemi. However the worse thing to happen is when a gate lands in highly populated systems in both high sec or null sec. Recently some “rowdy players” visited and set up warp bubbles between the station and the WHs. They used this to attack the players and then snare anyone retreating to the station as well. Anything can happen, most of the time you don’t get a lot of visitors, until the exits move to a well known and populated area.

For wormholes that are 24 hour statics, 9 hours as long as nobody initiates or warps to your signature. If another signature spawns and is a wormhole you will have to camp the new signature immediately and roll it so that you can be sure nobody comes through. K162 are exit side, this could mean that the wormhole on the other side has been warped to or that its past its undiscoverable time limit.

Just because there is a signature doesnt mean that the connection has been made. The connection is generated upon warping to the entrance side. You can scan it but its the initiation of warp that spawns a static.

If you “think” your static is closed and you get traffic, then someone in your corp/alliance compromised your wormhole–or it ran its time. This is the benefit of recording your signatures in mapping tools like Tripwire, GalaxyFinder, and Pathfinder…you get a timer that starts and tells you how old the signature is according to when you documented it in the tool.

Thank you I live in a wormhole.


So if 24hrs is 9, does that mean that a 16hr hole could be as little as one?

If no one initiates warp to the new static, the K162 signature on the other side never spawns.


you are NEVER safe in a WH ! any time a random WH could spawn and you get droped

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Till you have to poop again

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That’s a given, that’s why I put “safe” in inverted commas.

Question ansswered - refer to flowchart above.

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