Keeping worm sealed strategies and explanation

My corp is looking into expanding into a low level wormhole. I started do a lot of reading on this, and found a lot of confusing things I’m still trying to make sense of. What I’m not understanding right now is how Eve University says you can effectively shut down your wormhole.

I don’t fully understand this, and I’ve tried looking at a lot of those flowcharts about K162 holes but I think it’s only partially the explanation which is why it’s not making sense yet.

I get that the K162 is invisible/nonexistent on your end until somebody warps to it or jumps through it. But the part I don’t understand is step 3 on the link. How can you know what kind of worm it is without getting on grid to check the info on it? Do you have to find a worm and roll it, and then if another shows up a few minutes later you know it’s the static? What if it’s just a well timed wandering or K162? And you just keep track of that forever?

There’s a lot I don’t know/understand and I think I’m overcomplicating it in my head. Somebody who knows this stuff please explain.

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A wormhole is a couple, that links two “wormhole” structures each in a system. The wormhole is the passage between the two structures, it has a max mass, a remaining mass.
The wormhole structures in that case belong each to a site that is referenced in the probe window as a wormhole signature. (Note : there also are overview visible sites)

Each wormhole signature has its own list of possible system. The “static” WH in a WS (wormhole system) is basically a WH (so the passage) for which one of the signatures will always spawn in the WS (this is the static sig). The other signature of that couple (for which the structure has name K162) has a limited set of destination, eg C4, HS.
The static signature will respawn at once when eol/crashed , and will be visible in the probe window.
The K162 signature will respawn altogether but won’t be visible in the probe window until 75% eol or the static is initiated warp to.


  1. scan all the holes
  2. crash them one by one
  3. when you crash one, if it respawns at once, then it’s a static and you mark the new sig as static
  4. when all remains are statics, you scan them but don’t warp to them, then farm ; when a new signature appears you know it’s a new one incoming, so prepare Uranus (unless it’s a wandering).

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