Hole control?


How do i lock down a wormhole for ratting or mining etc?
Am i best crit’ing the statics or am i best rolling them?
Also if i roll them can i scan down the new static or do i just leave it un scanned ?



It’s a question of faith, or what YOU belive.
I allways would close the holes, it will prevent you from beeing found by a roaming Confessor Fleet or similar.
The disadvantage is that you have to repeat this every 2-4 hours(depends on the WH-Class and Statics), otherwise someone could find the k162 from the other site.
When I am hunting in J-Space, I am allways interessted in VOC-Holes, mostly something exiting will be found behind.

As far I know it makes no different, but I would allways scan it down , just to have this task done.

Fun fact:
When it was still worth hunting in the WH, we released drifters in our C5 to find “unscanned K162”.
The “so found” locals where mostsly very surpriced, be visited :wink:

Oh? Is it no longer the case, that when you don’t warp to the new probed holes, they don’t open from the other side?

Holes still don’t open until someone warps to them (or an hour? passes I believe)

Oh, it is,
but in that moment your new static apears, the K162 spawns too.
But it is not scanable, cos it is not in the list of signatures on the other side.
But drifter Bs allways warp to celestials or wormholes, even if they are not “opened”.
So there is a chance the drifter find a WH that is not in the listed :smiley:
And if you jump it, the hole has this description
This wormhole has not yet begun its natural cycle of decay and should last at least another day
And it will keep this status until you warp in.

Its a programming bug/feature, that a WH needs to start his timer an incomig ship, and ignore any outgoing vessel.

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What does this mean?

So far i have been rolling them to crit. But yeah the odd frigate fleet can cause mahem. Think i will roll the hole next time

Verge Of Collapse

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Ah, I see. Thanks for the info!

I didn’t know about the drifter part. When I lived in unknown space, we never encountered any drifters.
That is still good to know.

You only need to worry about drifters in C5 and C6 holes, but you can see them on d-scan, so you shouldn’t need to worry about them randomly surprising you.

Just be careful. I knew a dude who lived in a WH alone for a long time, became obbsessed with hole control and then ended up threatening Brisc IRL and getting totally banned from EVE.

Be careful in that wormhole :smiley:

I miss that guy, he had amusing posts. Went out like a real boss with an epic collapse at least.

Heh that’s saying it lightly. He went absolutely quafebug quck crazy LOL.

thats POG af

What did he say? Is the convo available anywhere?

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