Static in w-space

\o. I have a question about static’s in a w-space.
For example, in the wormhole there is a static. I scanned it.
Question: when the entrance to my wormhole opens through this static?:

  1. When I warp to her (0-100 km)
  2. When I pass through it.
    Thanks for the answers, I would like to see the answer from the developers.
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The developers have answered this question in the devblog when the latest mechanics changes were made

Specifically the “K162 appearance only on first jump” bullet point and the further clarification in the forum thread. To summarize:

  • Wormholes instantiate their K162 side (or in other words “connect”) when they are warped to. Timer starts
  • The K162 side is not visible when it connects
  • The K162 becomes visible under one of two conditions:
    • When it is jumped through OR
    • There is only 15 hours left on the wormhole lifetime (see above timer). This is “random” but the random chance is very high so effectively consider it opened once you reach the 15 hours.

To answer your question specifically, if you scan the static and no one ever warps to it, it will never be connected and your system will remain closed off until a random wormhole connects to you.


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