Question Regarding the EVE Gate and New Eden system

Why did the empires completely leave this system? It seems to me that since it’s our origin here in this cluster that it would be the most protected by CONCORD and 1.0 sec status. Just curious if there is an official lore answer as to why our ancestors didn’t stick around.


Well, maybe not the nicest area?

Strictly speaking it’s not entirely accepted to be the origin system by the peoples of new eden. Hell, they don’t even know for sure what it is, or what it does, let alone have a concrete theory of it being the origin point. The SOE are known to be studying it.

Remember, it’s been tens of thousands of years and there was quite the cataclysmic fall of technology and knowledge after the Gate closed.

Given then that it’s not universally accepted to be the holy origin point (and therefore it isn’t a significant cultural landmark) it makes sense none of the governments actually care about it. It’s not putting isk into the economy, producing super weapons or feeding their people after all, is it?


Further reply as I noticed a second element to your question. The area isn’t heavily populated around the Gate likely due to the massive amounts of radiation in the area. It’s likely then that the gate closure was violent and swift, meaning the closest colonies may well have been destroyed, or otherwise damaged and/or isolated to such a degree as to no longer be viable.

To illustrate the point, humanity in new eden forgot how to achieve space flight and had to start almost all over again with knowledge. It really was that bad.


This link is from a mirror of the old eve wiki


@Utari_Onzo: Thank you for replying. I had no idea that it wasn’t universally accepted as our origin point. Having said that, the fact that we had forgotten almost everything for thousands of years gives that more pull.

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The feel from the lore is that there’s a strong scientific consensus humanity comes from that system, and the Amarr religion certainly looks upon the eve gate has being ‘something’ important. So there is still strong traction on the origin theory, it’s just the hows and whys and whats are extremely blank which leads it open to a lot of counter arguments.

But the biggest barrier to making it hisec is probably because it’s an irradiated relic in a dead end uninhabited system :slight_smile:


There’s also absolutely zero strategic value to the New Eden system. Did you see anything worth mining in here? There’s not even a good place to set up shop and call it a home. All there is is this giant glowy radiation-spewing thing that the SOE likes to go and worship/research on.

So why waste the time and resources to police such a barren system with no strategic value whatsoever?

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The most obvious reason would be that it is to my understanding somewhat of a holy system to the Amarr. Therefore I’ve found it interesting the almighty Golden Fleet isn’t keeping it and systems leading to it as at least 0.5 systems.

They never did believe that God came from the Eve Gate, hence their lack of presence there.

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The immense brightness emitting from the gate can easily be seen in solar systems close to the EVE system as a vibrating bright star on the night sky. But even in systems in the farthest regions of the known world it can still be seen with the aid of a telescope. The Amarrians, whose home system is only a few light-years from the EVE system, were in the best position to marvel at the gate. Many thousands of years ago, while still on a primitive level, the Amarrians actually coupled the peculiar phenomenon they saw in the sky with their age-old religion and even today the EVE gate holds great importance in the Amarrian state religion.

^From the backstage lore wiki. If it still holds true, for Amarr to then just abandon it is kind of like saying Muslims would leave Kaaba unguarded. Unless “great importance” is actually “not at all that signifigant, actually.” I mean sure the lore might have changed since that, but it has been a low sec system since forever despite all the lore saying it should be important to the Amarr - and as we know, low sec systems have been for a long time empire space in name only.

Probably went to the place to see it first hand and immediately got unimpressed with it.

Especially when the place is rather depleted of resources. And there’s still a Reclaiming to do.