Discussion of New Eden’s progenitors

I believe this has been a long standing question of many as to true fate of our distant ancestors; our progenitors on the other side of the EVE Gate. I put this question forward as a way to invite good faith discussion and debate to reach a likely conclusion to this longstanding question.

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Ah. You’ve chosen a… controversial… topic for your first ever post to the IGS ?

A bold move.

Now then. The “Other Side of the EVE Gate”, is a very contentious topic in history & archaeology, and there have been debates raging for, well, centuries, about what may or may not exist on the other side. If there is another side at all.

The people who have studied the Gate the most, are the Sisters of EVE, who have their own beliefs about what is on the other side. Most of all, they believe that God resides on the other side, and that restoring the Gate and re-opening it, would usher in a new age of peace and understanding among humanity. Somewhat optimistic.
On the other hand, the Equilibrium of Mankind, the blasphemous heretical terrorists, also believe that God is on the other side, but that humanity should not be on this side, and that restoring the Gate and escaping through it before God notices there are humans here, is necessary to avoid utter destruction. They’re… well, square egg crazy, in my opinion.

Other than these two, what is known for sure, is that there was an ancient network of stargates, similar in design, that appear to have the New Eden system, where the EVE Gate is located, at the centre of the network, that were all constructed at roughly the same time, about 15,000 years ago.
Some are of the opinions that the ancient people of the time came through the EVE Gate into New Eden, while others believe that people from New Eden used the EVE Gate to go… somewhere else.
In Amarr, it is of course an article of faith, that the ancestors of the Amarr people came through the Gate, “The Mouth of God”, and landed on Athra, later called Amarr Prime.
Other scholars argue that humans arose independently on many worlds across New Eden, and there are no “progenitors” on the “Other Side”.

So that’s the background to the debate about the EVE Gate, and the origin of humanity.

Now, if we go with the position that humans came through the Gate from somewhere else, and settled New Eden, then yes, there would be a question as to what happened to those that did not come through the Gate, and stayed on the Other Side.
Again, if we take the Amarr position, we see that the ancestors of the Amarr came to Athra to “escape the evils of the old world”, and avoid God’s Judgement. It would then seem fairly reasonable, that those who did not come through the Gate, would likely have been destroyed, either through divine intervention, or their own degeneracy causing the fall of civilisation.

There really isn’t much evidence to go on.

Every so often, someone studying the oldest civilisations there is evidence for, such as the Yan Jung, claims to have found documents describing “the old worlds”. The provenance and context of these documents is usually highly controversial, and it is difficult to tell if they are factual, or fiction.

There is a… fringe… science called “Earthology”, which posits that there was a single world from which all of humanity came from in the dim distant past. Few, if any, academics take the earthologists seriously. Partly because they can’t even agree on the name of this mythic homeworld. “Earth” for example, means “dirt” or “soil”. Who would call their home planet that ? And there are many, many names for this world. “Earth”, “Terrah”, “Gaea”, “Centaurus”, “Zeta Reticuli”, “Tow-Seti”, “Egg”, and so on.

I’ve read some earthological writings in the past, for amusement purposes. The society they claim existed, sounds absolutely ludicrous to my ear.

So… my opinion is, that if the ancestors of humanity lived on the Other Side of the EVE Gate, then they’re probably extinct now, due to societal collapse. But there is no evidence for this, and little or no chance of there ever being any evidence to make a definitive conclusion.

Dr. V. Valate, Professor of Archaeology, Kaztropolis Imperial University.


Thank you professor Valate for your very clear answer. If I may be so bold, I would like to bring a small nuance regarding the Amarr faith and the gate (and I hope this will not get me challenged to mud wrestling in the Katztropolis academic arena).

As far as I know, it is not a doctrine of our faith that the cluster was colonized through Eve Gate, although many indeed believe it. To go back in remote history, to times before emperor Amash-Akura, is very difficult. We can only rely on what is written in the Scriptures for that, as there are no other records left. Before space travel, Eve gate appeared to our ancestors as a strange irregularly pulsating star on the sky, and it does hold great religious significance as such. We call it Imlau Eman, which means Mouth of God. But, even though it was always special to us, I am convinced that it is only during our space-faring age that we rediscovered its significance as a jump gate, and that some started to theorize it to be a possible path into our cluster.

The premises to theorize that humanity came from Eve Gate are twofold, and indeed date from the spacefaring age. There is the old gate network, centered on New Eden, as mentioned by professor Valate. But there is also the mysterious fact that no artifacts have been found from before circa the eighth millenium. Earthologists couple these premises to the fact that there is strong biological evidence that all races stem from a common ancestor to corroborate their claim that the cluster was colonized by an ancestor civilization. Many Amarrian earthologists would add that this was the time when humanity was still in perfect harmony with God.

In connection to Scriptures, it is also worthwhile to note that some parts of it, especially the parts relating to our most ancient history, are only accessible to the highest nobility, such as the Heirs and the Empress. Some believe that these parts contain the irrefutable evidence to the Earthologists’ claim, and a description of the colonization. Some, like brother Sarachem, who started the Goner movement that still today is found in New Eden flying subwarp to the gate, claim to have seen these texts. Note that the Goners are perceived as heterodox at best.

To summarize: In my opinion, although Eve Gate is clearly seen as an expression of God in our cluster by the Amarr, its role in our history is not clear or stated as article of faith, even for Scripture scholars.


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Obviously myth more than literal truth, but some say the land of ancestors where those who find their Fate and live a dutiful life might escape after death is what lies beyond the Gate.

There is no other side… its just a bed time story. Even if there was who cares? doesn’t change anything.

A lot of people do care. Some care so much that they even kill and subjugate for it.

Just because a topic is not of ones interest, does not mean one is not affected by it.

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I’m mean if you’re going to let your self be killed or subjugated I don’t think the reason behind the other matters either. I also don’t think finding out the “truth” would stop it from happening.

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