Is the EVE Gate still an actual gate?

Just wondering, since in none of the intros, IIRC not even the original one there is shown this gigantic stargate from where the game gets its name from, and the term “EVE Gate” seems to be used very interchangeably with the wormhole itself.


I don’t think there is anything there to see in game, it is after all just a skybox effect.

But the lore says that the early empire explorer’s were able to read the word “Eve” on the gate, so I guess it is supposed to be there. :thinking:

Was there very recently, not more than a week or so, and yeah there is just the huge swirly-pulsaty-thingy. But you know - why couldn’t there be an actual marker you could click on, which would tell you about the lore. Of course it would be unwarpable since it is IIRC several lightyears off of the actual system.

Technically it is the single most important object and solar system in the game, if you ask me it should deserve just a little more love.

Also, CCP Eterne once told us on the previous forums that the Milky Way end of the stargate was, wouldn’t you guess it - called ADAM and located in the Canopus system (not Sol, as many seem to believe).


'cos lore is not important to CCP, it never really has been we have just been lucky that now and again CCP has had enough cash to have some people that can fiddle with it a bit.

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The Empyrean Age novel described the consequences of getting too close to the gate. It implied ships go “boom”, essentially. But at times it also implied something else could happen. But this was never really expanded upon.

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The Chronicle that mentions the gate mentions that there is a gigantic superstructure there through which the incredible amount of electromagnetic energy pours. The biggest detail given is that the gate itself is covered in ancient text and that the word EVE is emblazoned on it. That structure doesn’t seem to actually exist in the game, however. Presumably it is obscured by the storm of energy surrounding it.


Some years ago, the first time I visited the system (New Eden?) in which the “eve gate” is located, there was a giant anomaly there (collapsed wormhole?) and the ruins of what looked like a giant sized stargate, on which the letters “EVE” were clearly visible. Last time I was there, a month or two ago, the giant anomaly was still there, but I didn’t see and didn’t have time to look for the structure. I imagine it’s still there, given ISD Stall’s link.

The gates at both sides of the wormhole were called “the gates of EVE”.

Taken from EVE guides of old forums, also indicating Canopus as the system where it was found.

As for Adam, when you read the whole topic where it is talked about it could be a joke… or not… no way to know. When you look at trailers and writings, ships names etc… everything is made to make you think it could be Adam, but couldn’t it be too easy to be that way ?

I even remember reading something as a description about EVE appearing on the gate that could have been just the initials of something, like a corporation name.

Mistery is great and open to many origins and this is what is making it interesting.

Sad thing is that they seem to not much feed us with Lore and make it very hard to look for it.

Mmhm. Yeah the main reason I was asking because, the lore tells us there is an ancient stargate called EVE, but we’ve never seen it in any official capacity that I’m aware of. Not as a chronicle artwork, not in the original intro, not in the Origins intro that came with was it Rubicon, even though we actually saw Terrans go through the wormhole very close up, and most of all, there is absolutely nothing about it in-game in the New Eden system.

And some lore sources refer to as the wormhole itself as the EVE Gate, which is confusing to say the least. In fact, even the EVE: Source book does this very same thing, omitting the existence of a stargate completely and refers to the wormhole as the EVE Gate.

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According to lore, what was discovered was a wormhole that later collapsed. Taking a look at all the stargates around New Eden, I don’t see any wormholes. When I find a wormhole, there’s no gate associated with it. So I’m not at all sure that the wreckage near the alleged collapsed wormhole in the New Eden system is actually a stargate. It might be, or it might not be. I’m not entirely sure that anomaly is a collapsed wormhole, either. Maybe it’s a wormhole through which there is a massive energy leak from the other side. How could that be, you ask? Rumor has it, here on 21st Century Earth, that the center of the Milky Way galazy has already “gone nove”. If that’s the case, it’s possible that the wave front from that massive explosion reached the Milky Way side of the wormhole some 16 thousand years ago, and that the hole didn’t actually collapse, it’s just feeding that energy through.

Or maybe not. :wink:

That’s because, unless the interstellar travel lore has been changed like with PEGs turning thrusters into not-thrusters, stargates create artificial wormholes for the ship activating it.

The old lore said that the massive stargates were built to stabilize the New Eden wormhole, and they did for nearly or even over a hundred years. This also spawned theories that the massive gates were sabotaged for reasons unknown. And always my favourite theory was that the connection didn’t collapse, but the other side was engulfed in some sort of terrible cataclysm and the radiation storms on this side are like you said, just coming through from the other side.

My understanding is that a wormhole was found in the Milky Way that led to New Eden. People build a massive gate around the wormhole to stabilize it which worked for a few centuries or so until something happened and the gate collapsed into what we see today.

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It is well detailed. There was a “stable” wormhole. At least that’s how they called it at the time they found it. It stayed opened more than 100 years while the gates took 200 years to build. Even if the gates weren’t finished when the wormhole collapsed using them seemed working good, and this during 70 years after collapse of the wormhole.
What made inoperable the gates is an unknown phenomenon. Natural or… ? :smiley:

Shame though we can’t go see the gate and study it :stuck_out_tongue: but it is also said that ships approaching are destroyed by “gravity storms”, so maybe better not to go near it… Or they could just put us at safe distance to be able to see it ?

@Teinyhr Origins trailer is exactly the way you say, refering the wormhole as the gate. Thing is, wormhole was used and also the gates, at least in the first guides… What should we believe more ? Reworked trailers ? Older forums guides ? I’m confused I admit :disappointed:


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