Re-Open The New Eden Gate

All right, I’m sure you’ve seen the title, but please bear with me!

The New Eden gate opened a long time ago and allowed the colonization of New Eden, but then it closed abruptly and left many people stranded from the place they once called home, with no expedition being mounted to even try to return home for many reasons. (As far as I know anyways, I’ve done a decent amount of reading.)

My suggestion is this:

Open the gate back up again, the story is this:

The Sisters of Eve have been studying the gate for years, centering their entire faith around it and have just released an announcement. Their scientist claim that the gate will be stabilized sometime in the near future and fit for travel once more.

SOE Announcement: Capsuleers, we have waited for this moment our entire lives. The gate to Earth will be stable once again. But there are those that want nothing more but to stop us from accomplishing this. We need Capsuleers, we need supplies. Aid us in this time of need, and return to our old home as one.

But why would the gate suddenly be stable again?
The story behind this could be many different things, but my suggestion is that it stabilizes once every ‘xxx’ amount of time, or when a certain universal event is taking place. It could be anything and left up to the staff to figure the details out.

The announcement from the SOE can open an event and possibly a new Epic Ark where we assist them by killing enemies, running supplies, and other things in exchange for rewards in preparation of the stabilization.

The Eve Gate is stable, what now?

Thousands of capsuleers line up at the gate of New Eden, from many different coalitions and united under one purpose. Discover the fate of Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy.

The gate stabilizes, the change happens in an instant. You push the controls and begin flying towards your legacy and the legacy of your family. You expect to see thousands of people waiting for you on the other side, to greet those that left Earth so long ago. You’re traveling through the wormhole, and you feel it in your bones that the end of it is nearing, the anticipation is building and an instant, you’re dropped in space across the universe in an instant. But there is nobody waiting for you. The area is dead silent, you pick nothing up on scanners, you engage your warp drive toward the coordinates of Earth, the warp tunnel encapsulates your ship. You arrive at Earth, expecting to see trade, space stations and patrols. No, there is no life here. Earth is shattered into nothing, there is no water, no green, the planet is cracked into chunks of barren nothing. In an instant, your hopes and fantasies are shattered into nothing.

Your ship connects to the Fluid Router that was just deployed in Earth space, and thousands begin to communicate with one another. But nobody from Earth. Everyone says the same thing, Earth is dead and so is the galaxy. The SOE announce an expedition to find out what went wrong, and bring in thousands of ships and begin to set up a space station as a forward operating base. Your expedition is only beginning.

Okay, so I came up with this last night while I was drifting off to sleep.

New Content and a whole new wave of backstory for those that are interested, something new in Eve that many might appreciate.

Figuring out how to safely get to the gate system to experience the new content. This could be solved by deploying a Stargate somewhere in High Security space that connects to the system.

In Summation:

Reopening the New Eden wormhole could usher in a new batch of content and things to experience in Eve, who knows what could happen from here on out? The possibilities are endless, just like they always have been in this world of Eve Online.

Please give me your thoughts, and if this has been said before I am really sorry, I didn’t see it anywhere.


New content? Like just our own solar system 22000 years in the future or the whole milky way?

The entire EVE lore revolves around being trapped on our side of the gate. This would essentially break the entire precedent of the game. Absolutely not.


If I had it my way, if I was a developer for CCP, I would do this:

I would make the entire galaxy able to be explored, BUT over time since they will need time to actually develop it, so the story there is it’s “taking time to deploy the stargates for travel” and maybe eventually make it into a new null security region.

There are many possibilities, but sadly I can’t say what it could be.

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It doesn’t actually revolve around it, we got stranded here and made a life for ourselves, yes.

But, with the way I’ve written things, it doesn’t actually remove the mystery, it only adds to it. New Eden would still be home, because there is nothing back where we came from.

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I’ve read the books, I’ve read the lore articles. This would ruin all that. I am 10000000% against this. This would be as bad as the ending for Neon Genesis Evangelion.

I’m grateful for your critique, but this was just a thought.

If the general consensus is a no, I have no problem with it. I just wanted to put this out there.

I also appreciate your enthusiasm, but there is a huge difference between creating a line of fanfiction that might end up becoming popular and advocating for it to become canon.

You’re right, there is a huge difference, and this is why It’s a good thing I don’t work for CCP’s Lore Department. I specialize in coming up with ideas that are so out of the box they’ll never happen.

I just really want to see the Eve Universe expanded more, something major added, something that changes New Eden and shakes it up.

They’re trying it with recent patches, the mineral shortages. But people have had so long to develop a stock that it just isn’t enough.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the game entirely, I’m not complaining, I don’t know, I just want to see more of what Eve was famous for back in the day.

I starting playing Eve back in the day because of an article in a game informer magazine about someone losing 13,000$ in a ship.

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SCOPE used to write some articles regularly like “New Eden News”, ie. live lore. These efforts have been all but abandoned in the past few years, but given that ISD are still a thing and they are still making SCOPE videos and occasional SCOPE blogs, there is room for SCOPE articles to be revived. I recently filed a proposal for enhancing the forums that, as a byproduct, could help revitalize SCOPE articles (I mention this explicitly) - maybe you want to back me up :grin:?

So basically you want CCP to “restart” EVE Online.

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No it wouldn’t be a restart, it would be a lore expansion in a way. My original suggestion, not the one where I had it my way, would see that The Milky way is dead, so why go back?

This goes for both of these comments, in my original post it was just full of lore on the fate of Earth after we left, it wouldn’t ruin the lore at all, if anything it would only serve as a reason to stay in New Eden.

You can make yourself at home here in the official EVE Forums Player Fiction Portal:

This would permit you and other like-minded individuals to explore this possibility and even gain momentum without formally doing to EVE what Voyager + later incarnations did to Star Trek.

The gate is actually open - it never “closed.” It is just spewing out fire and brimstone, so it isn’t a useful portal.

@Xeux Yes, I know.

It seems my idea wasn’t well received at all, but hey. Maybe one day we can have something like it.

Heck, maybe even my idea but in Jove space. Not likely though, since they use it for testing and alliance tournaments.

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CCP doesn’t test anything.

And the Tournament is dead.

:red_circle: Yes, please open the gate. And let the Terrans flood into the cluster once more to exploit it for their gain. And when they arrive, they obliterate everything. EVERYTHING. Not like the useless Drifters or cozy Triglavians, which we can farm like candy. These Terrans would obliterate everything in their path. And they would do it quick, very quick. Let the stupid capsuleers burn in their hubris and the cluster be doomed to slavery to the true masters of the galaxy.

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Then what’s the point?
There’s already dozens upon dozens of systems in New Eden that aren’t utilized already. Why do we need to make a new set of systems?

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Just because a couple of Nay-Sayers jumped in quickly in an attempt to shut down your idea doesn’t mean the rest of the playerbase agrees with them.

Your idea is actually pretty good, though for a twist just have the Eve Gate exit to a system deep in Jove space where Capsuleers will have to repair the existing Jump Gates or reverse engineer them and build new Jump Gates.

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