Eve Online: Origins (expansion brainstorming)

Let me preface this by saying that this is purely a contribution of brainstorming ideas that CCP can potentially pick apart and pull pieces from for their own future content plans. If my ideas seem outlandish and not viable, no need to flame me for it. Just ignore the thread if you can’t stand to read it.

Expansion idea - Eve Online: Origins
After centuries of research, the Sisters of EVE have found the final missing clue for the reactivation of the EVE gate. But upon traveling through to the other side, what they find is far from the promised paradise of ancient prophecies. Join the Sister of EVE as they help the oppressed and enslaved humans on the other side of the EVE gate to rise up against the invading species that has tormented them for centuries. Explore and discover ancient ruins from past ages of human expansion through the stars, and determine if the EVE gate really took you to the paradise that was mentioned in the Sisters’ ancient texts.

  • New enemy faction: Adamite Empire - When the Eve gate collapsed, every effort was made by the brightest minds of humanity to re-establish the connection and rescue their lost brethren. When a method for creating artificial wormholes was finally established, the rescue fleets were all too eager to travel through the supposed New Eden connection, but what awaited them was not New Eden. Now trapped in a hostile and inhospitable star system, the “Adam Expeditionary Fleet” suffered much the same fate as the denizens of New Eden, as well as extreme changes due to the nature of the space they were trapped in.
  • New Sisters of EVE ships, including a destroyer, battlecruiser, force auxiliary, and super carrier.
  • New “Cradle” systems - Cradle systems are similar to wormhole systems, but they do not have established jump gates or wormholes to other star systems. These systems are rich in ancient ruins from humanity’s earliest expansion into the distant stars, and are also home to lost technology sites that can be explored in order to reproduce some of what was lost to the ages. The only way to reach Cradle systems is through the permanent cynosural fields that are established in each system. Jumping to a permanent cynosural field in a cradle system causes you to appear in a random area within the target system. Cradle systems contain all known resource types of minerals and ice, but the unstable nature of the systems causes all structure reinforcement windows to become non-functional, rendering new stations and starbases particularly vulnerable to attack and destruction at all times.
  • New faction warfare locations: The Amarr and Gallente militias have banded together alongside the Sisters of EVE on the other side of the gate for the sake of defending their human brethren from oppression, but the Minmatar and Caldari militias have other ideas and have thrown their lot in with the Adamite Empire in order to claim all of the spoils of the star cluster for themselves.
  • Adamite Empire ships: Earn standing with the foreign invaders of the Adamite Empire by fighting alongside them, eventually gaining access to their new class of faction ships. (Adamite ships gain traits from both Minmatar and Caldari skills)

Gonna leave it at that for now. Might add more later. Again, this is just brainstorming potential ideas for CCP, don’t go crazy on me :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds pretty good. I do think a lot of people would be interested in exploring more systems, especially if EVE got an exploration update that made it for a more visceral experience.

Unfortunately this wont work for EVE; EVE is fundamentally about humans dealing with humans. Even things that seem alien, also derive from humanity.

So… you could do a similar plot line, but the big baddies should either be human (or an off shoot of humanity, like the Jove,) be some sort of ai menace, or a species that humanity uplifted to intelligence (aka: starcraft’s zerg swarm - yes, I know they weren’t actually uplifted by humans.)

In other words, the enemy tells us something about the human experience. Either the shadow that dwells in us or our arrogance in creating something that devours us.

That might work for the Gallente, but it doesn’t really fit the M.O. of the Amarr. If anything, the Amarr would see the invaders as “unrighteous swine that need to be destroyed.”

Sounds pretty good to me. There was also the minigame CCP had for the exoplanets project discovery that could potentially be used for finding the systems in the first place. It would force people to look up in the skybox and try to find stars they could jump to.

I can imagine, that just on the other side of the Eve Gate, there is a colossal number of arrays, stations and other facilities that were built in the time after the gate collapsed that were used to try and re-open the Eve Gate. Having been long abandoned or set on auto to try an open the Eve Gate from the other side, no one can be for certain of the dimensions that were opened.

Maybe the Aperture does in fact work and has opened many wormholes to distant galaxies, much like the Trig filaments are used to jump from High Sec to Null Sec. Those working the Aperture might not have found the correct String filament to New Eden yet. Or worse, maybe the Aperture opened a wormhole to someplace that let the darkness into the other side, maybe the workers of the Origin Aperture were turned to goo by an invading armada or worse yet, put into the breeding pits of the worst imaginable type of monster possible. Those who tried to save us, became the nightmares that all humans fear.

Hey, thanks for your reply.

Regarding the “invading species” that you mentioned would not work, it’s supposedly the Adamite Empire who has returned and oppressed the humans of that region. If you read my idea, the Adamites are indeed long-lost and mutated humans.

As for the motivations of the Amarr empire to help the humans on the other side of the gate, I thought there would be some merit in this due to the Amarr belief that all of humanity was once aligned together under the rulership of a single empire, and the other side of the EVE gate would likely be important to them in order to justify their beliefs and “reclamations.”

Thank you for the analysis of potential lore conflicts, though. Maybe I’ll think about some alterations to bring it a little more in line.

Hey, thanks for the reply.

Yes, the “Adam Expeditionary Fleet” that later became the “Adamite Empire” in my idea would have experienced exactly what you’re describing. They were sent to a hostile and inhospitable place (galaxy? star system? dimension? who knows?) and over the centuries they gradually mutated due to the strange environment that they were in. The extent of the mutation would be up to CCP, but I could imagine something along the lines of red skin and small horns to give a subtle “Hell” theme to the place they were trapped in. They would just have to make sure to not make it look too much like Darth Maul or something… Disney lawyers are ruthless when it comes to that.

Not only Disney lawyers are this and there are already fictional adamists.

Not to mention, someone will come along and try to claim your idea as their own by saying they are from X company representing the artist that you supposedly ‘stole’ the story and drawings from.

I don’t the factions of New Eden existed before the Gate collapse. The entire history of New Eden can be written, prior to the Eve Gate collapsing which would be cool to read about and would set the next 40 to 50 years of New Eden up, for the next generation of Sci-Fi fans.

I reckon triglavian are pre collapse. That means eve points to a universe where high end civilisations are either capable of finding weird and remote space patches or create minimal stable universe bubbles or small bubble universes

I think Triglavians are from the past, prior to the collapse, but are more likely travelers that were caught during the wormholes collapse that would have trapped millions in a Hell very similar to Abyssal space. The ones who died were the lucky ones.

That would give following possible mapping of spatial levels:

inside eve gate/wormhole ← space time fabric parallel → abyssal space

outside eve gate/clust → star gate space

edge or zone around galaxy/ies → wormhole space

And following possibel timeline:

With eve gate collapse: Pretriglavians are thrown into abyssal dead space; first civilisation collaps; pre jove are in shock

After inital collaps situation fledglng colonies collaps many civilians die, pre triglavians start to accomodate, pre jove scetch out emergency plan

When collaps has settled down civilian colonist die in masses, pre-triglavians try to get accomodated to strange space, pre-jove fall into two groups the we are here and make our bed and the we rather find a path home.


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Trigs are off-shoots of the second Jove empire, as are the drifters. To get to pre-collapse, you’d have to go back to the Yan Jung or maybe the Talocan (which are both dead civilizations.)

So the jove had a slavic linguisitc phase that is interesting and well a moment of remembering that place.

At least we can assume south american empire did not survive long.

I don’t see any indications In New Eden that the South American or the African Empires from old Earth survived. The Middle Eastern Empires don’t seem to have survived either. America, Europe, and a few Asian empires are all that appear to have made it to the Eve Gate and went through.

What could have caused the South American and African empires along with the Middle Eastern empires and some Asian empires to collapse in Earth’s past? Disease? famine, drought…nuclear war?

Yan Jung is the chinese empire, and Jin-mei are eventually its descendants.

Eventually very eventually Minmatar are descendants of an african empire.

Following a weird trace the Tak Mahl are eventually related to an arabic empire.

We don’t know who came through the EVE gate (other than assumptions based on who still exists and who existed at the time of the ancient empires.) Nor do we know the condition of Earth’s expansionist ambitions while the EVE gate was still active.

It may be that the other earth factions were just allotted other locations to expand to , and never came through the gate. Kind of like how Antarctica is divided up between various countries.

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The Minmatar are actually descendants of the Norse, hence the Norse names of their ships and solar systems. Africans wouldn’t name their existence using European namesakes. That’s like the American Indians changing all of their tribe names to Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria.

Looks like the American Indians were wiped out as well.

Or maybe, to keep racial tensions and wars down on Earth, the wars that we see in the Middle East and Africa, those regions of Earth were each given their own world to flourish on. I can see that happening. After FTL had been developed, the United Nations along with the Eastern Asian Block (EAB), Middle Eastern Block (MEB) and the African Block (AB), agree to settle on planets that were very similar to Earth. Native Americans also decided to settle on new planets as well where they could rebuild their culture and live peacefully. Some colonies kept their ability to travel amongst the stars while other colonies used their colony ships as power sources for their cities. Some colonies were even granted large orbital defense stations situated around the solar systems they live in to warn others not to trespass. The colonies even went so far as to remove ancient monuments from Earth and transported the monuments, such as the Great Pyramids, to the new world.

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