EVE Online: Nexus update

Mind you this is a fan update idea so do not expect this

  • LORE
    The lore of this update would be that the sisters of eve have discovered a small star cluster right outside of the New Eden cluster. Though there is signs that SOE has been there for years. There would be no jump gates anywhere and due to the system being young there would be a lot of gas everywhere.
    There is also many wormholes some of which lead back to the new Eden cluster.

  • Features

  1. would be a null sec zone with no pirates at the start

  2. Would have salvage fields though no one knows were these Fields come from

  3. the area would slowly but surely change from null sec to low sec then to high sec over the coming months and pirates would start to appear as well.

  4. this new cluster would only have 100 systems and only one gate out at the start making it very risky

Would there be Jove/Talocan artifacts/sites there?

Edit: as more players visit the new cluster more relics from the original people that came through the eve gate are discovered, and we learn more about what happened to them.

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