Returning Through The Eve Gate

I was pondering the idea, that we should go back to where it all started (hint at the prophecy trailer I guess ) and see what remnants of humanity is left back in the milky way. Perhaps the Eve Gate wormhole becomes accessible again, and we may venture through it again but with a catch, all capsuleer skills points are reset to noob status and the adventures from 2004 begins a new!
ehhh maybe.??

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It is an interesting idea from a lore perspective for how to launch any “EvE2” . You need to be an existing EvE capsuleer, but once through that portal there is no return. And a new adventure begins.

(Although, a mechanism to transport isk or especially materials between “realms” might be interesting.)

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Not EVE 2 crap again. CCP said it countless times. There won’t be EVE 2.

EVE is a Wormhole, not a Galaxy. the cluster (refereed to here as EVE) is firmly within the milky way galaxy.

WH travel is still in its infancy for the Empires of EVE with the most knowledge laying in the hands of the Sanshas nation who are the only Faction to consistently be able to open and close WHs witch they use to preform incursions in to Empire space.

Drifters are an edge case as they (in law) are a creation of the Sleeper AI (or something like that)
sleepers are just the drones left behind by a long dead civilization (presumably gaining some sort of sentience - rouge drone in nature)

the law dose not go heavily in to Pre collapse culture or expansion. just that Earth was run by mega corporations, who discovered a stable WH, called it EVE and then proceeded to send corporate colony ships through to settle and harvest resources. space flight was still limited to LTL travel with ships taking decades to travel between stars. using knowledge gained from examination of the WH lead to the first stargates. these are the ones you see in space today. the erection of these was a monumental undertaking taking many yeas as a ship would still need to travel across interstellar space in order to set up a receiving gate… when the EVE WH collapsed the stranded humans devolved in to chaos. with many dieing off, the few that remained forgot thair past and built new lives and the knowledge of space travel, WHs and earth were all but forgotten.

Eons passed before the human race took to the stars again (in the EVE cluster). it is noted that there have been multiple rises and falls of interstellar power in the EVE cluster since the collapse of the EVE gate. with the Jove empire weathering most of these. making the Jove the oldest consistent faction in EVE. the Triglavians and Sleeper remnants are both off shoots of previous Jove empires.

there are other faction remnants (introduced through the COSMOS system) the sleepers first entered the game through this avenue

New Eden…


There would be no CONCORD at the other end.

remembered that after typing the response :wink:

CCP doesn’t own Eve anymore.

CCP own EVE but CCP is funded by another company :wink:

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