Triglavian BS

I’ve got an issue. If the Triglavians have the technology to affect entire suns, doesn’t that raise a red flag? The infinitesimal size of a Triglavian ship compared to an entire sun shows the relative scale of their physical stature. The energy or technology they use to physically alter entire stars would be millions of times more powerful than anything the four empires ever hope to achieve. But yet, we can challenge and defeat Triglavian ships. Doesn’t anybody find this absolutely ridiculous?

The leap of credulity CCP is asking us to take is absurd. I’ve read enough science fiction that this inane advancement of plot would be thrown back into a writer’s face by any credible editor. Yet, we’re supposed to believe a race could set up a virtual dust mote of a structure and alter the mass of an entire star???

I’d be curious if anyone could explain this preposterous contradiction. I always considered EVE to be more than a Saturday morning cartoon.


Look at the human race, 1969 man was on the moon, yet today it’s not possible without multiple nations and corporations working together to do what one nation did by itself.

So it’s possible to have advanced tech in one area, but unable to use it elsewhere.

Nuclear weapons use an explosive primer to trigger an explosion millions of times more powerful than the primer itself.

Catalysts use minuscule amounts of material to facilitate vastly greater reactions.

The ability to engender a change in something like a sun, does not equate to having the power of an entire sun, nor does the size of a ship compared to a sun have any relevance to the equation. A black hole is very tiny, but it will eventually consume that entire sun.

Reading science fiction isn’t quite the same as understanding science, or the scale of forces that cause change.


Calm down, Ghengis.





well you know … its a game … its not a documentation …


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I’m still waiting for an explanation about this mysterious power of “warp scram” where a device INSIDE your ship, and quite close to your own “warp drive” can magically pass through the hull of another ship (shielded against explosive, or EMP or what have you attack) and just turn off that engine without turning off yours at the same time. That is a whopping whole bunch of WTF (over) control over the laws of physics which were apparently rewritten front to back just to accomplish this gi-normous task. BUT, I guess if WE can do THAT the Triglavians are free to do what they damned well please in this rather loose interpretation of reality.

(The hair colours thread looks more inviting now…)


Two words for people thinking EVE is plausible sci-fi - liquid space

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Fun fact, we posess “technology to affect entire sun” already irl.

Nobody is using it tho because it’s a tad suicidal to blow up your own sun, and other suns are out of reach, and even then why blow up the sun on the first place.

But yes if we wanted we could blow up our own sun which is very much affecting entire sun.
Also device used to it would be even smaller than most of eve ships.

Bottom line being - you don’t need much of power to affect the sun, all you need is specific knowledge of how sun operates and how to alter it to your needs.

Please also notice how they can only do it to very specific set of stars.

I have read enough science fiction to know that much worse issues not only got into published works, but also works containing such ended up selling huge. So no, current triglavians would not be thrown back at anyones face.

PS. Triglavians build special structure that is ta tad bigger than their ships to alter those suns.

You were wrong all that time, obviously.

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Call it “Space Opera” then?

I am interested to read some scientific articles confirming we can actually do this.

There was research on what it takes to destabilize suns reaction that friend of mine have sent me once during dispute, unfortunately I don’t have link to it at hand to share at this point :confused:

Whether it is a contradiction or not is up for debate but I can tell you one thing: If it’s part of CCP’s “business model” then there is no point arguing, they’ll tell you play or don’t, you won’t be missed.

Today it’s Triglavians ( they could really chose simpler names for fictitious races but that’s besides the point ) and tomorrow it’ll be the Khavii ( see how simple it is to invent a simple race name, CCP ? ) or the Gorhg ( damn I did it again ! ) or anything that’ll make sure ships are destroyed to make sure that in-game economy doesn’t stagnate and if a few suckers in Alpha Clones end up paying for Omega then so much the better.

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Surely there must be numerous papers on the subject. Blowing up the Sun isn’t just some basic skill we ran into as a species.

That new Alistar skin is looking sick!

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I’m building the Sun Killer in my garage - it could fit in a backpack. I don’t have a launch vehicle yet.

Thread needs more red matter. :red_circle:

I appreciate all the comments.

In order for the Triglavians to get to the point of transforming stars, an incredible amount of technology would have to be discovered and implemented prior to this current era in New Eden. As this technology evolved, the military would have taken and used it for any advantage possible. It is exactly what armed forces have done throughout human history.

To that end, a Leshak could easily mount a weapon that would change the molecular structure of an opposing vessel causing instant disintegration. If they can do it to entire stars, why not some puny ship?

So, yes, I have read Scifi that posits ridiculous scenarios that I have swallowed in order to enjoy the characters and story that unfolds. Far be it from me to know what goes through an editor’s mind, I overstepped my bounds with that one.

I just can’t wrap my head around where CCP is going with all of this. As far as alien race names, how about Chingaos?

You are silly.