The Scope - Ravaross conquered by Triglavians


nice video
amarr ships are beautiful

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It seems that someone at CCP likes War of the Worlds, the Thunder Child class could well be a reference to the Royal Navy Ironclad that takes down a couple of martian tripods enabling civilians to gtfo.

Triglavians — Tripods.



Yes, I noticed that… and the cruiser’s name…

I like the brief mention that Edencom has taken 10+ systems to bulwark vs the monumental 1 system won by Trigs.
CCP Propaganda showing…some may be prone to conspiracy theories…

I like how CCP compares the trigs to insects, yet they are obviously supporting them.

Why does one exclude the other?

I think the trig stuff is going to get chokepoints taken over which is very bad and is going to get CODE space taken over which is very good.

Tis a shame that Sisters of Eve is not giving out missions or rewards for running refugees out of this system. An opportunity for “emergent” missions, faction, extra LP, and incentive to go into this new wasteland not to fight (and get blobbed to death) but to sneak around and run your ass off. What do we have blockade runners for, our health?
Another one for the missed opportunities file.


Stormbringer caught my attention. Elric call your office.



Now all we need is an explanation for Skybreaker, a quick google search reveals two obvious ones; one is pilfered from World of Warcraft the other a book by someone I’ve never heard of.

God, we’re a bunch of nerds. :stuck_out_tongue:


Good video, these videos add a lot without imposing them on us ingame.

Too bad they don’t play with sound (optional?) on the bulletin boards.

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We’re Eve players. Even nerds look at us funny.

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We give ourselves too much credit. The amount and types of stupidity I’ve seen in this game rival, and possibly exceed, what I’ve seen in others. Fact of the matter is that most players arrive here by clicking a banner ad, and not through a referral on the NASA forums. This game isn’t ubiquitous enough to attract a certain type of gamer, unlike WoW, for example. Most people know what WoW is, and know exactly whether or not they’d like to play it. But EVE is often “discovered”, and as such, probably acts as a better sample of the overall population than most other MMOs.

The sound of the EDENCOM battle horn.

A Super-Nexus was taken down today in Vale by just two Capsuleers.

The loot was 10 million in common ore, unknown type and amount of salvage as the salvage operation was unsuccessful.

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Anti-Triglavian forces need to establish Citadels in the systems that the Triglavians are invading and trying to flip into Low Sec.

Having a Capsuleer owned Citadel in the system will give the Anti-Triglavian forces a base to work out of instead of having to worry about being denied access to a base or its repair facilities.

We cannot continue to allow the actions of the Low and Null Sec alliances to push High Sec into a state of unwanted warfare that they are pushing with by using their Kyber Alts.

EVE players are the nerds who are to nerds what nerds are to normal people.

Gladly or sadly, that’s why were all still here. :grimacing: