Triglavian BS

Or…perhaps…turn it into a NEWT!

Well Yes, but actually No. At least in my opinion.

To “transform” a star what you need is deep knowledge of how reactions inside the star go, and knowledge of how can you affect those reactions to do what you want them to do. Surely some of that knowledge could get militarized, but I’d argue that grand most of it would not be applicable in ship-to-ship combat. Also alteration of the sun seems to be taking considerable amount of time, and can only affect very specific stars.

Not so easilly, at least not without proper explanation of what/how they are affecting the stars.
They are not “instantly disintegrating stars” that’s to be sure, and amount of energy needed to “instantly disintegrate” whole spaceship is ludicrous. You can possibly alter stars reaction at fracture of energy needed for actually disintegrating a whole starship.

As for where CCP is going I am expecting that it’s going to be like "ultimately trigs managed to do whatever the heck they wanted to do which means very little in the long-term for new eden and here, have some systems with sites to farm if you got late to the party and want dem DED lp stuff.

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