Update invasion gates to show the status of the other side

We should not have to rely on 3rd party tools in order to determine the invasion status of a system. You spent time developing gates to have icons to show vartious bits of information, surely it woulkd be logical to include there the various states an invasion system can be in.

With more and more systems showing as invasion system it is getting more and more difficult to move around freely without knowing what is on the other side of a gate.


I could be completely wrong here, but if I remember correctly CCP doesn’t actually publish ESI endpoints for this information (too busy to check :grimacing: ) , so these 3rd party websites are drawn from player intel being publicly made available and are manually updated as such. “Player intel” is totally and completely in the spirit of EVE.

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Ive no idea about pulling data from the backend etc, but I have to respectfully disagree with the end result at least. If I warp to a gate, and that gate is an invasion system, then there should be some way of me knowing, in game it’s status.

That there are 3rd party sites giving info is great but it shouldnt have to be the only way of finding out that info.

CCP have made it marginally better in that the guns dont instablap you and your pod now (depending on a certain ship size). But it still crap that you have to jump into that system to actually see its status.

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The way you know is by asking other players in Local, or joining custom but well-publicized in-game channels, or joining semi-official Invasion discords, etc. I mean, there is literally an invading alien force that is not only attacking empires but is also affecting their infrastructure - how do you know the empires don’t want to alert capsuleers on the other sides but simply aren’t able to because the Triglavians won’t let them via hacked hates?

This is an extremely collaborative MMO - tasks should be more easily accomplishable (and some tasks ONLY accomplishable ) with the help of others, even if its just relying intelligence. Lone wolves should be grateful 3rd party intel sites exist but failure to liaison with other players is entirely to their detriment in an MMO.

I believe they are talking about ‘This is a Minor victory to Edencom’ type of information, that absolutely should be available in the game. Not exactly what percentage the system is at.

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:red_circle: Why the hell should you join a channel and ask what system is on the other side of the gate or read a website about what is on the other side of the gate when you jump into a system? How can you possibly bring this as a defense for utterly terrible feature implementation?

Not to mention that this feature in itself is terrible for another reason: Jump into a Fortress, Final Loon or MV that is adjacent to an Invasion system and if you go into that adjacent system from the Fortress you won’t be asked if you want to jump into the invasion. It treats the Invasion system as a normal system because you are already in an Invasion system even though you are not anymore, especially in the case of Fortress on Invasion.

How can someone possibly have the nerve to defend dumb, counterintuitive and outright bad development quality.

lolwhat? The Empires ESTABLISHED the god damn Fortresses! But the game treats any Edencom victory as if it’s still an Invaded system.

Do you remember when I said I don’t think highly of people who were less fortunate when it came to the distribution of certain positive traits that make a human a human? You fall under that category.


lookin at it from an RP perspective, EDENCOM can’t get the info out about the status of the system.

:red_circle: That is total garbage. EDENCOM established the systems and Concord, who is responsible for the infrastructure, sends you notifications about the status.


:rofl: And you know what is even better? This garbage tier developer called CCP EFFING LIMITED the number of visible Fortresses in the Agency to 32. 32! You cannot even see all Fortresses, and worse, soon not even all Final Loon systems anymore.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Because this is an MMO

This is a problem, yes, but distinct problem.

OP did not specify Fortresses specifically. OP’s concern equally applies to both Trig and EDENCOM systems.



This has nothing to do with EVE being an MMO. This is a basic feature of the map and the gate travel. With this dumb logic, you should not know that next door to Nourvokaiken is low sec Tama because you could just ask someone in Nourvo what’s next door.

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Yes, this is what I meant.

@CCP_Dopamine Tagging you as the most recent Trig dev blog poster to make sure this gets seen as a current significant hole in systems.

This is what scouts are for, next you will be asking to see if there are any %#@^#%&^$%^ Titans on the other side :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Xeux it’s almost as if you’re referencing the use of intel tools (available in game) to ascertain the safety of a system :thinking:

Go back to WoW

I would agree. It seems to me both from a usefulness perspective, as well as a lore one, that if Edencom wins a victory in a system they would want to put their banner on the jump gate.

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