There is no longer any warning before jumping into a trig/minor victory system. And it does not show up on route planner

It appears to be correct, according to the data tables, but I am waiting for somebody to confirm that it works - it may be that only the rogue drones found in trig space will give the standings.

There was post on reddit that drone supercarriers are now a thing in trig space.

Hopefully someone confirms if standing gain is trig space only, or droneland ratting/killing drones in missions affect it too…

EDIT: someone confirmed in game. Looks like running drone sites in TKE affect standings. To gain 7.0 trig standing, you have to run bit over 100 of them. And it affects edencom too.

Depending on where you live, you don’t need to enter Pochven. Lot of people out running Rogue Drone anoms right now, we’ve been warping in on top of each other. About an hour doing tier 1-2 in 0.5 systems got me from -0.28 to 0.48. Could go faster in less safe spaces.

Not sure this is intended behavior, though. Have to see if CCP respond.

CCPlease, split the “Avoid EDENCOM or Trig blah blah” in 2… oh forget that, i can’t play more than 20 mins now before my head starts to ache, would be useless no matter what.

Thank you for fixing this in the last drop, CCP!

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Yes - it’s fixed - thanks CCP

This was fixed on Tuesday 20 October along with various other related improvements:

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