Version 18.10 - Known Issues

Some systems have triangle people in with special effects on but are not marked as invaded… new normal?

This - same for Edencom systems - please restore jump warning


Some graphic bug…

The Calendar shows the wrong Day! Today is Tuesday Not Monday

I hate change for the sake of change. There wa sno reason to change the font. Is the font bothering anyone else’s eyes. I have to set it to 11 for it not to make my head feel funny. So strange. And the audio popping/stuttering is a bit annoying.


Same here…

Client locks up for 20s to 2mins after undocking/jumping stargates.

I logged on after the update and undocked. The client became unresponsive (not responding) for at least 20 seconds. then I jumped a wormhole and the client became unresponsive again for this time for about 2 minutes, well beyond the uncloak timer.

I never had similar issues

also when in the super potato mode the wormhole animation still plays when jumping in.

I’m not sure if its me but concord billboards on gates won’t show anything on them. Just turned off, I can see station ads but nothing on concord billboards. Graphics are all at high.

Not a huge deal but it just annoys the heck out of me XD

I am currently experiencing game pause everytime I undocki and jump. The pause comes to both graphic and audio, and usually lasts only a few hundred miliseconds, but this is still annoying enough.
Help me, CCP!

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First, loving the no background option, thankyou.

Second , ccp please can i have the old ui/font back, or an option to turn back to it? My eyes are hurting. Yes i have tried various setting combinations.
Also could you please not mess with the UI when introducing large gameplay changes?


Well I gotta say that after reading this thread, I no longer have any inclination whatsoever to log into the game.

You guys definitely need to hire some competent programmers before making any more changes and more importantly, have your Dev’s actually play the damn game before implementing their hair-brained ideas that were thought up during after-work happy hour at the local bar.

What’s really messed up is you still haven’t fixed or even acknowledged bugs that have been active in the game for months and months now…


The font is unfortunately not so good for the eyes, at least not for me as a wearer of glasses.
Before I use “tools” that might be illegal, I better ask if there is an option to set this optionally.

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The programmers are only doing what they are told, it is the people with the so called vision that need to go, the people that OK some of this stuff.

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not a bug, thats their new “brilliant” font :slight_smile:

Getting snowblinded from CTRL Shift F9.

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Can’t read the font and my GPU is running very high, round 30% per client and when I move through space it goes up to over 60%. Guess the great master plan is for me to unsub 6 of them and only play with 1 ???
Maybe its time for a new game if CCP is going to mess this one up sooo badly. If you want to add new content, fine, but why mess what has been working for 15 years… travel is messed up not only in hs, not sure what the master plan is here for CCP.

The new font sizes do not affect the right click menus anymore like the old system used to.

This makes it very difficult to read for visually impared players.


Since new patch the game has become extremly laggy with even frame freezes … :frowning: