Triglavian Invasion Rewards Petition Re: Logibros and Probers

Dear CCP,

Firstly thank you for providing an interesting event in order to decide the outcome of the Triglavian invasion, its been a roller coaster of a ride to be sure, and i’m not going to lie the Triglavian armour does look pretty dope (and i say that as an EDENCOM player)

But, it has been brought to my attention that there appears to be a slight discrepancy regarding the rewards, it doesn’t recognise the numerous hours put in by the fine Logibros (both normal logi and o-logi) and Combat Probers on both sides of the field as they sadly do not gain ANY standings for their fine work

Even the likes of CCP Coyote agree that this is a valid concern

So, i urge ALL of the Logibros and Probers from both sides of the field to unite under a common cause and let your voice be heard, you deserve to be recognised for the hours you spent tirelessly repping your fleet mates who barely pay attention and for your valiant efforts attempting to stop the Caldari Navy from yeeting their entire fleets in to the nearest star

YOU deserve some recognition for your efforts, so, let your voices be heard throughout the universe!!!

  • Yes Reward Logibros and Probers, because they rock!!
  • No i hate Logibros and i deserve for my ship to explode in an unrepaired ball of fire

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You aren’t proposing anything. This is just an undeveloped, unimplementable feeling.

And to think, Xenuria said that would be the best way for this to be posted :stuck_out_tongue:

The way i see it its a complex issue, for logibros you “could” go over all the server logs and look for instances where a ship being healed applied a hostile action to a Triglavian NPC, you could then retroactively apply standings gains based on what they would have gotten for shooting in the same scenario

The issue with this method is the amount of data you would need to comb over, it would however be the most accurate way of rewarding logibros, however this would do very little for probers who aren’t really doing anything in terms of physically aiding allies who are performing hostile actions

You can’t really use wallet payouts either because roaming fleets don’t pay out anything in terms of ISK or LP

Can’t really use “was present in x systems for x time” because you don’t know if they actually even took part in the invasion and for probers its easy to have just sat cloaked doing very little

Its not an easy thing to reward by any stretch, that being said the complexity of the issue doesn’t really affect getting a voice out there to let CCP know that something should be done to make those pilots feel more rewarded for endlessly orbiting us and keeping our ships alive

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Can’t your fleetmates just give you their unwanted excess clothing?

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I mean, i will personally be doing that and have already selected the Logibro who will be getting mine, but thats because i have no personal interest in clothing, however i can totally understand why people would want to keep hold of the rewards which are the only real thing they will have gained from this event, it would be nice if people were willing to do that but i can’t imagine that being a long term viable option, i mean if CCP wanted to give players a second set to gift to a logibro that would be a potential solution, then i could give mine away to a Logibro AND a Prober :stuck_out_tongue:

I totally get what you’re trying to say, and i agree, we should make CCP play as Logibro’s and Probers for an event to see how little they actually get rewarded compared to how vital their service actually is!!!

Thank you for your support

The easiest and least precise way would be to just make an extra shirt for each side that basically says “I <3 Logibros and Probers” and just give it out to anyone who spent more than X hours in invasion systems with logistics modules or a probe launcher equipped

would require a lot less “work” but would atleast take a step in to rewarding those pilots, is that something that would be more realistic to do given the difficulty in tracking said actions mentioned by CCP Coyote?

Or, “Don’t shoot, I’m unarmed!”

voted for the logi and probers cus they rock.


I agree with the OP.

As such I’m adding my support and signature to the petition…


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I posted a possible solution as well, for Pro-EDENCOM and Pro-Triglavian forces to compile of list of players, primarily logi and probers (but not limited to them) of capsuleers who have put in similar efforts into their relative side, but don’t have similar standings. You can find some of that discussion here

Feel free to pop in and join the discussion. I’ll willing to put this into action if we can be unified on this.

It doesn’t really matter who’s idea it was or wasn’t, the point is Logi and Probers contributed to the event and their actions were overlooked by CCP who will hopefully include them in the rewards.


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Thank you for cleaning this up and letting us bring this issue to CCP’s attention o7

Stand and be counted my loyal Logibros and Probers, you deserve recognition


Finaly, let’s hope xenuria don’t manage to take down again the post

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I know at least one member from the opposite side I’d recommend for a reward.

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There are many on both sides that deserve some recognition :slight_smile:

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Reward the Logi? What and break a long and glorious history not rewarding the healers in MMOs. Keeping a group of lemmings with random suicidal urges from exploding is reward enough :wink:

I have a list of most people who participated as logibros in both sides maybe CCP will accept that?