Sleeper Invasion

Sleepers come in. They start destroying nullsec systems, making them un-enterable as they are constantlly gatecamped by sleepers 24/7. Eventually they move to Low, then even Hisec. Players must band together to stop them, otherwise they destroy NPC stations and all assets with those stations gets lost permanently. Even previously hostile NPCs like Angels Cartel and Serpentis join in, offering different rewards.

Good way to reset nullsec, maybe even the entire eve game. We will all get to watch as CCP livestreams Jita 4-4 being destroyed permanently.


Unfortunately, people lost their ■■■■ over drifter attacks in null, abanoned structures, and pochven, so it is unlikely that anything this drastic will ever happen. But, I’m hoping that they won’t completely chicken out with the story arcs, and will do things that are at least a little bit disruptive.

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