Are the Drifters going to attack again?

I really like the drifter attacks and that’s what bought me back to Null Sec, the beginning of the chaos!

Has there been any info about whether or not they going to come back? I really do hope they visit again.

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They are busy training up Recon :rofl:


Hopefully they do return … with a vengeance.

Were you fighting them? What’s the story?

I sure hope they do!


March Rabbit, do you know the background? Or are you asking about me personally fighting them?

Well, time to stock up on assault frigate killers.


You have written “Drifter attacks brought me back to Null Sec”.

So i’m curious: in which way they have made your gameplay better?

With local and eyes, people were ratting/mining solo. All of a sudden you had to get together to deal with this crazy enemy.

The blackout and the cyno changes seem the same, forcing people to work together to achieve the same goals. Like super ratting while watching Netflix is over, now you gotta be in fleet ready to ask for help.

And this is what made you go live in null-sec? Increased danger, ability for 200-man bomber fleets to instantly remove you from the map without any chance of defense fleet to help?

Note: by “live in null-sec” i mean: having sov there, mining, ratting, dealing with neighbors.

Yes, 200 man bomber fleets were deleting people long before any of this, and that’s not exactly a day-to-day problem. It just gets a lot of attention right now because cloakies are stronger with no local.

Yeah, I went back to living in null sec as you describe it because these changes are pulling people together and creating stronger communities out there.

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The drifter thing was most likely just an in-game lore explanation and prelude to the blackout.

I dont know about Drifters, but its grim when Sherpas attack.

I had an uncle once who was like that.

(This joke is over 50 years old btw)

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