Adressing the actual problems of null

With the BO-nonsense gone lets talk about how we can make Null more interesting and liveable.

Idea 1
The entosis system doesn’t really do a good job creating interesting content.
Highsec War-HQ got me thinking about Constellation HQs to enqourage people actually defend those critical structures. If this is lost the sov for the constellation is gone, sending all structures in the constellation into final timer with no exeptions for ‘neutral’ sturctures.
If defenders decide to stay away and watch like NC during the last campaign the attacker can avoid most of the timer grinding in cleaning the constellation.

Idea 2
A real solution to PVP groups having trouble to deal with Cap umbrellas would be to enable more smaller and medium groupls to live in Null witout the need to spend those 2000+ man hours per day sustaining an umbrella.
The most obvious problem with this are AFK cloaky campers and i think a good way to adress that without breaking it for legit use would be a 30 min cycle that can be reset during the last seconds without having been decloaked.


Did you just threaten me with audiobooks? o.O

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Ohhhh, this thread actually belongs into the main afk cloaker trashcan! :blush:


Nah i just thought i’d bring it up while ccp is in the mood to try experiments to shake up some things that hinder content creation. Smelling garbage floating around in space all day, every day tends to do exactly that to groups that don’t have 24 hr pest control at their hands.
The bad hunters didn’t adapt too well to the cap umbrella counter either so shaking up is still needed if we don’t want to stay stuck, don’t you think?


AFK Cloakers don’t prevent content creation.
In fact, anyone who actually doesn’t just farm doesn’t give a single ■■■■ about AFK cloakers.

If you don’t believe that, then try bringin up such a suggestion on reddit. You will notice that there is a significant absense of threads about AFK cloakers. That’s because reddit isn’t just full of krabbers, but instead filled with people who actually value content.

Krabbers don’t value content.

You’re a used diaper,
therefore this thread belong into the thrashcan.

Feel free to have the last word,
I’m not going to respond to it.


You and your echo chamber on reddit got CCP into this current mess.
Calling me a Krabb is just evidence that you know literally nothing. I moved to Null just about two months after creating my first char and allways lived without umbrella untill much later.
The reason im there now? Easy money so i can spend the rest of my day throwing T1 Battleships after cancerous griefers like you, taking small gangs out or enjoying some layed back large fleet action.

You and your kind are worthless for this community since having Toxic waste like you around keeps way more players off the game than you can make up for with your credit card…


Posting in another one of these threads.
Thank God I’m dunk


Null will never allow any changes that disadvantage them.

Don’t even bother suggesting anything other than “add more rewards”


And yet you whine about AFK cloakies?

I create content. AFK camping is one guy spending 5min per day only to waste peoples time for the rest of that day.
Im still here but i’ve seen my share of people leaving the game over this non-gameplay. As i said i’ve spent most of my time without any umbrellas.
And those were not all carebears and cowards but people who had been on comms and in fleets every day only weeks before.


Remove Caps. Done

This was an interesting read and pertains to the topic:

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I would rather limit their movement further, they’re strategic level assets that can discretionarily move faster than any other vessel in the game.

Can you imagine the salt that would flow from Null.

Look at the whining losing local caused, removing capitals would break the forums.

Im all for removing the forum too


Well the forums have gotten to the point that anything slightly offensive gets blocked.

This place would make puritans happy.

Theres no exhaltation of the Almighty so I doubt it tbh

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Give them time.

AFK cloakers are EVE Onlines answer to the WOW phenomena of an Undead Rogue ganking in Stranglethorn Vale basically. It’s the PVP equivalent of being a krab, zero risk, perfect target selection and no counterplay. The only risks you take are the ones you want. Ratters have no such luxuary which is why the null meta revolves around effective deterrants and police actions.

(Same as IRL actually. Or what, you think that army wont use the airforce and instead offer your band of bandits pistols at 10 paces with the president when you harass their country?)

Small gang entitlement is just as big a problem as krabbing. Responding with overwhelming force in null is as much a natural part of the game as dropping bombs is IRL to put it bluntly.

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