Game Balance with regards to Campers in system

Before I start this I should say that I carry on regardless of campers but here I come to the point of my arguement. Lots of people do not. CCP are you listening? People do not log in if their system is camped by a black ops blopper.

How can a mechanic that is being used frequently that results in players not logging in be good for Eve. It simple is not. There is not a troll on here that can convince me otherwise.

More players means more things to shoot and more things to do. The equation is simple. CCP more players means more money for the business.

Now players have come up with various ideas of how to combat a camper with changes to the cloaking device or other such methods but I put the ball in your court CCP. The use of campers is harming the EVE community as a whole. What happens when every single lowsec and null sec system has a camper in it? No one will log on.

SO CCP get off your arses please and tweak slightly something to allow this overpowered dynamic to shift a little. I am not asking for wholesale sweeping changes. Just something to tilt the balance of power. A hostile invader should not have the upper hand so much.

For example the Blopper sees 3 Battleships doing their stuff so blopps 10 BS. There is no counter to this other than to fly crap or something really kitey.

So give us something to counter the Blopp. It may take skill or training but something that is workable and is fun. I have no issue with the fight but let me at least fight!!!

Oh look, another cloaky camping crybaby thread.

Please throw your garbage into the proper trash cans.

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As I have said I continue regardless but I am seeing a lot of people across the game not logging in.

This cannot be good for the health of the game and if you cannot see that then you are very short sighted indeed.

So to all those who have or are thinking of trolling this post just put some thought into it would you. Do you want a better healthier game or are you too short sighted and bitter?

The solution is not to change the camping mechanics in this specific regard. The solution is for players to get educated and for CCP to improve player education / facilitate players joining groups that will educate them.

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@darkbra move to highsec and buy a mining permit. There are no cyno campers there.

Do you have actual evidence or proof of this or is it entirely based on your feelings of insecurity?

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It is intuitively obvious, Scoots. If a player is bad at a game and loses, they are less likely to play the game. Ergo, games need to be created so that there are no losers.


Please feel free to use the AFK thread linked higher in the thread for this sort of post. Closed for redundancy.