Expand null-sec but don't link systems via standard gates on launch!

This is a recommendation to expand null-sec and create a real sense of uncertainty and to motivate active dynamic defence of space you hold.

i think it would be innovative to see new regions added, only initially accessible via wormholes, in order to then gain a foothold would requrie you to secure a chain of wormholes, organise the logistics of ferrying the haulers with the infrastruture you would intially want to anchor then on the offchance it is within range of being able to be linked to a friendly ansiblex jump gate, could then be linked to the rest of new eden, these systems wouldn’t be linked by standard gates by default, which means you could live next door to people who can’t threaten you, it would mean that scanning and securing any entrances would be an integral part of any organisations living in these areas since guarding the entrance wormholes day in and day out would be the only way to ensure people wouldn’t be able to launch invasions, now this would be the ‘end-game’ of entities that have the manpower and the capabilities to run permanent vanguards in their and any people who slipped or dropped the ball would suffer the consequences. especially with the fact that carrier drones can be used to decloak covops ships with the assistance of mobile warp disruptors which could be anchored on the entrance wormholes

maybe ansiblex jump gates could be entosis linked and hacked with a hacking module in the future? to allow people to bypass this restriction of only accessing via wormholes eventually.

forum monkeys that will tell me how bad of an idea this is, please do also attach a dissertation as to why the game is in a perfect state.

The idea is neat, but I think it would give too powerful of a bonus to the defenders -both in terms of defending the system, and in terms of being able to krab in safety.

Also, one does not have to think the game is in a perfect state to disagree with you. That being said, If you disagree with this statement, then please do also attach a dissertation as to why you are an infallible being.


the thing about being able to krab in safety i get, but if the logitistics of exporting resources is so risky then surely this balances it, maybe, if it were to be implemented, the distance ought to be too far for ansiblex gates to be installed, so any attempt at extracting profit has to run the gauntlet of wormholes that may spawn?

that last comment was more sarcastic than anything else tbf, but bravo on your comparatively outlandish response o7

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Why not just live in a wormhole?


Then at this point, what makes this new space distinguishable from wormholes already?

It seems from the OP, that the systems are initially accessed via a network of wormholes, however they are k-space by allowing for ansiblex gates. If that isn’t the case, then isn’t it just the same as adding more wormholes?

well my basis was thinking about how to expand the game so more players could feasibly play, aside from backtracking completely and just being like, ccp add more regions with gates etc because then people could spread out more, i thought connection via wormholes would give a true sense of dynamic exploration, an initial sense of discovery and a motivation to find the best systems and keep them secure so one could fortify the connected systems rather effectively (if in range for ansiblex connections)

i’ve been toying with the possibility of returning to wh space recently, but this is a bigger picture idea, not something i personally want for myself, it was just a throw it up in the air type idea i had.

Scipio, i guess the fact it’s actually k-space so it’s on the map would be the only difference, again it’s an idea and it’s likely never to see the attention of ccp so it’s all theorycrafting and trying to figure what form it could work in, not demanding new space for no reason i’m just airing an idea.

when wh’s first got released and then jove systems popped up, i thought that’s what could happen with jove space way back when, but it never happened.

Eve is a huge universe. There are enough resources for 10x as many players as we currently have. Since our player base is stable, there is absolutely no reason to add additional space.

We don’t need more systems where krabs can be safe to rat for hours upon hours. OP just wants to be safe so he can krab to his heart’s content because he’s too entitled to bother looking over to pay attention to local for neutrals.

You gave me an idea:

nice strawman friend, but your argument implies that i; 1. live in null-sec and 2. make my money through mind numbing pve.

I really don’t care what you personally do.
I’m bothered by how easy it will enable trash like you.

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