Deployable player Jspace/Kspace connections: "Starhole" Warpgate

[edit, context:] This is an item description of a proposed deployable Warpgate that creates a destroyable travel connection between a J-space system and a K-space system. A successfully deployed Warpgate becomes a pair of Starhole objects that work like a gate pair but with transit time and risk of death. The Starholes are destroyable.

for maximum fun, make this usable by alphas, and bill of materials 1M trit only

Feeling Adventurous? Voyeuristic? Poke a Starhole through reality with the “Starhole” Warpgate kit!


  • Be at desired deployment location in J-space.
  • Deploy the Warpgate from your cargohold into space.
  • Wait 1 hour for calibration. Remote repair and cap transfer as needed.
  • The moment calibration completes, the Warpgate fires.
  • The Warpgate is consumed upon firing.


  • Figure out the K-transform of the J-space deployment coordinates .
  • Tell us how you did that - we just kept throwing bodies at the problem until we found a working coordinate pair.
  • Bring an Industrial Cynosural Field Generator as close as possible (5 LY or closer) to those K-space coordinates.
  • Destroy any nearby Industrial Cynosural Fields to avoid the Warpgate locking on to the wrong one.
  • Have the cyno lit at firing time.

If you did it right, a Starhole connection is established between the Warpgate’s former location and the Industrial Cynosural Field’s location.
The connection does not deteriorate with the passage of time or mass.


  • This kit is one time use.
  • The Warpgate’s capacitor must be full at the moment it fires.
  • The Warpgate must have at least one Industrial Cynosural Field in K-space range at firing time.
  • If multiple Industrial Cynosural Field are in range, the Warpgate connects to the closest one.
  • A successful connection allows travel in two directions. We are not responsible for anything that comes out of your Starhole.
  • For J-space use only. Attempted deployment in K-space causes the Warpgate to instantly vanish. No, we don’t know where.
  • Starholes are physically vulnerable and will collapse catastrophically if either side is destroyed.
  • If any ships are transiting a Starhole when it collapses, those ships and their contents are converted to energy and vented into both continua.
  • Transit duration increases as total in-transit mass increases.

This would take a team of CCP devs 6 months to execute!

I think some code like spawning two sides of WH, deployables, jump range calculator can be reused. I also think the balance of that 6 months would be spent making cross-system state consistent (did pilot start transiting the Starhole in system A before or after the killing blow on one of its endpoints in system B?)

Have you thought about how this can be monetized through the New Eden Store? CCP isn’t going to develop anything that doesn’t do one of two things:

  1. Benefit The Imperium
  2. Help to sell more PLEX

I have no idea what this is supposed to be. You have very poorly written out how-to-use “instructions”, and a “warnings” section, but I’m not seeing what this thing actually trying to be.

ty @Scoots_Choco edited OP

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