Making Null Vibrant Again - An Idea

I believe it is more than apparent that CCP is making major changes to null initially and, will probably spread to other areas.

So, to complete the circle of null redesign with Local chat being driven by an in-space tower and (limited) asset safety all while increasing conflict drivers and making corps (and their CEOs) more important. Here’s how:

(1) Introduction of the communications (?) structure that, when fueled, will allow local to function on a constellation wide basis only. Must be installed in the same system as a owning Corp HQ.

(2) Introduce a citadel module or rig (BPO from Interbus) installed at the designated Corp HQ that will allow for Asset Safety for the owning CORP members only.

What this may do (short list):

(1) Allow for a non-delayed Local system within a constellation.

(2) Larger corps (1000+ members) that has their folk spread out would need to break up into smaller corps to allow for Local and Asset Safety in the more far-flung areas where folk geographically play.

(3) Makes Corp CEO relevant again as they would need to coordinate their own areas.

(4) Potentially create conflict drivers as outlying corps would (hopefully) become more independent of their Alliance for day to day operations.

  1. change the battery.

Taking a step back to get the big view of the overall game design of EVE, I’m skeptical to believe local chat was supposed to be used for anything besides a social tool. It being used as a free intelligence tool was most likely an unintended consequence and should probably never have been used like a crutch against a more robust player driven intelligence network.

IMHO, from a game design and more “realistic” system, the local blackout should be made permanent. And instead, players should be asking for balanced intruder detection mechanics, if current game mechanics truly are over-burdensome to do so.

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So you want to completely revert “blackout” for free by NS entities abusing holding corps…

No to the idea.

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  1. try reading comprehension, it helps.
  2. the Observatory could only be anchored/deployed in the owning Corp HQ system.

a Corp, holding or otherwise can only designate ONE HQ station/system.

Constellation local was removed for good reasons.

Let’s not go back in time just because some players don’t remember.


And if I have 5 holding corps, I have 5 HQs stations/systems. Corps are cheap and easy.

It would be super interesting to see the member counts for corps that have structures.

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