Devblog: The EVE Vegas 2017 Megablog!


(CCP Phantom) #1

The time to kick off EVE Vegas 2017 is drawing closer and in just a few weeks, more than a thousand capsuleers will descend on Sin City for the largest ever gathering of pilots outside EVE Fanfest.

For all the exciting details, check out the dev blog and the schedule!

(Linus Gorp) #2

HYPE :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot: :guardparrot:

(Xenos Monith Maulerant) #3

This might be a dumb question but will CCP Seagull be there too?

(Mike Azariah) #4

You know, until the schedule came up I was wondering if I was just being trolled. Now I am sure of it . . .

Good lord.


(DaReaper) #5

She is not listed as one of the CCP devs to be there. So my guess is Fozzie, Guard, and Falcon will be running things.

(Dinsdale Pirannha) #6

And why should we care about yet another party for the null sec cartels partially funded by CCP, which means it is subsidized by all paying players.

How about this CCP, ditch paying any kind of funding for Vegas, ditch sending your people to it, and put that cash into paying for a developer who focuses exclusively on non-null sec game-play, But I know, that is not fun for your devs stuck on a volcano for 10 months of the year.

(Keno Skir) #7

They’re releasing hisec gameplay newness pretty soon i thought :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Akrasjel Lanate) #8

Maybe i’ll watch a bit… please be good.

(Jeremiah Saken) #9

What do you mean?

(Ptraci) #10

Exactly. If you’re not part of the community then no one expects you to care about the community. Hint hint.

(Xenos Monith Maulerant) #11

I am wondering why she wouldn’t be. She has always been there for both EVE Vegas and EVE Fanfest since she started.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #12

Super hyped~~ I can’t wait, it’s only 16 days away now :smiley:
Looking forward to seeing all of you guys there o7

(Steve Ronuken) #13

You appear to think that CCP doesn’t get anything out of these.

It’s interesting, because we see elsewhere complaints that CCP are now just milking Eve for money.

So is CCP just milking Eve, or are they giving away money?

Or could it possibly be that CCP sees a correlation between spending on the community, and the community growing? (or at least sticking around longer) so that they have a net win, from any expenses on events like this? (I have no idea if CCP makes a profit or loss on events. I suspect it’s not going to be much either way of breaking even)

(Steve Ronuken) #14

She has a good non-business reason for not being there. I don’t want to go into it though.

(Yiole Gionglao) #15

Hatching? :star_struck:

(CCP Falcon) #16

CCP Seagull is on parental leave right now, she just gave birth to her second son at the end of August.

She won’t be back until late January, so she won’t be at Vegas this year, but I’m sure she’ll make an appearance via other means :wink:

(Xenos Monith Maulerant) #17

I see well she will be missed. I always enjoyed talking to her and seems open to answer any questions she has the answers too.

(Mike Azariah) #18

Send her congratulations and best wishes for health of all concerned


(Dinsdale Pirannha) #19

Not nearly enough. Way too little, too late.

(Tanya Raul) #20

Dang I wish I could go. Curse you work