Devblog: EVE Vegas 2019 - Player Speaker Submissions!

Take a look at this devblog for more information on how you can put forward a proposal to speak on stage at EVE Vegas 2019!

Read all about it here!


I am thinking about submitting the proposal of a full interview, no holds barred, regarding CCP idiot ideas on blackout and other supposed “Chaos” novelties. I would be on Skype from Europe, while Hilmar, Falcon and the other numbnuts on stage. No holds barred and not a “kiss my a$$ interview” like what TiS has done so far. And all the questions would come from the community on forums


I’m no Texas lawyer, but since it takes place in Las Vegas, won’t they just plead the fifth? :grinning:


True, but contrary to TiS, I would harass them no stop for answers throughout the whole interview. Might not get answers, but it would be damn entertaining to see Hilmar and the rest of his staff uncomfortable live on Twitch

The reason TIS and other interviews don’t hassle and harass their guests for answers all interview is that that tends to end interviews abruptly. They can just walk off/cut the feed, you know. No one has to sit there and take that for an hour, they’re not testifying before a judge and jury in a courtroom…


Would internet kill for a decent dev blog about eve online.

I’ll have my people call your people :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Then let the CCP idiots end the interview. It looks bad on them for not providing answers, not being forthcoming and ending the interview. In the meantime, TiS is simply kissing their ass, to be vulgar

Damn shame you cant buy those medic skins anymore :frowning:

Chaos! The new responce to questions such as; what are your plans for the future of EVE? CHAOS! How do you plan to grow the player base at the same time as keeping existing players engaged? CHAOS! (Hilmar is crazy)

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Does anyone think Hilmar has the balls to actually defend this crap?

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He did already in the TiS interview, at great length. They were amazed and super happy about virtually everything that has happened to this point. Everything is working as planned and working out super amazing from CCP’s perspective. That sentiment won’t have changed to this day.

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In being fair, I wish I could see from my foxhole, but I dont. We are losing players, its players that make Eve not bots. As I have said, if he can turn it around and get the players back, I willvsing his praises!

What they did at TiS was not an interview. The TiS idiots were kissing CCP ass instead of challenging them. So no, it was not a real interview, but more a self pat on the ass

So sad I can’t make it there this year.

Elise, Carneros, and I did a great job. We know how to talk to a CEO. Hilmar came to speak about something, and he spoke about it in great detail. We moved CCP reps around the theme, and by the end, viewers understood what the Era of Chaos was and what it would bring. That was our job, and we did it well.

Interviewing the guys responsible for the vision of EVE is not about point-scoring or fantasy fulfillment of sticking it to the man. That would not have made them reverse their direction, and that wasn’t our job.

That said, thanks for watching :slight_smile:

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Appreciate the post and you get points for defending your people and your venture.

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No joke. It’s amazing what some idiots think $15 actually buys them, in terms of rights, privileges, and the willingness of anyone else to put up with their insipid vitriol.