Dev blog: EVE Vegas 2018 – Player Speaker Submissions Are Now Open!


(CCP Falcon) #1

Player speaker submissions for EVE Vegas 2018 are now open. This dev blog covers how you can be a part of the content lineup!

Read all about it here, and be sure to sign up on time if you want to be part of the lineup!

(Kaelen Mosar) #2


(Pumbler unknown) #3


(anas moraished) #4

third but no coming

(Insidious Sainthood) #5

4th, coming, already bought tickets and bringing family!

(Sylvia Kildare) #6

fifth to watch from home via youtube.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #7

Hmmmmmmm maybe I’ll try and put something together~ Trig lore needs to be put out there somehow :slight_smile:

(Mike Azariah) #8

Submission in. Now I wait.



Give it to Mike, great person!

(Marcus A Kormienko) #10

this is not a complaint or to make it look like I’m really not happy and I’m trying to do something wrong with Eve online. I’m here with a very sincere and very real everyday experience. I love that it’s a space game like Star Trek you would want to have a bigger Star Trek or something. or even landing on the moon or exploring a new world in making 10 years observation of other human life were humanoid life .
I wish I wish there was a way that I didn’t have to lose all of my premium that I’ve paid for at the time of trying to solve an in-game issue. I wish only for the best of this game because now I’m at the point where I have things in order to play them I have to have omega. In order for me to have omega it would require me to wait more than a month and if I have an emergency with real money. I can’t pursue in game because I have to pay for a physical emergency in the world of reality. I am here to say I love this place I love this everything you guys have. Just wishing maybe there’s some constructive criticism and not putting anything down on this beautiful thing you guys created. So Marcus A Kormienko. Fly safe signing off

(Marcus A Kormienko) #11

Mike . As long as I’m a player you are so awesome

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #12

@CCP_Falcon Any updates on these btw? The article says notices would be sent out by the 7th - if I wasn’t able to secure a slot that’s cool, I’m just hoping to find out :slight_smile:

(900V) #13

Let’s go together

(CCP Falcon) #14

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