Dev blog: EVE Vegas 2018 – Player Speaker Submissions Are Now Open!

Player speaker submissions for EVE Vegas 2018 are now open. This dev blog covers how you can be a part of the content lineup!

Read all about it here, and be sure to sign up on time if you want to be part of the lineup!




third but no coming

4th, coming, already bought tickets and bringing family!

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fifth to watch from home via youtube.

Hmmmmmmm maybe I’ll try and put something together~ Trig lore needs to be put out there somehow :slight_smile:

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Submission in. Now I wait.



Give it to Mike, great person!

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this is not a complaint or to make it look like I’m really not happy and I’m trying to do something wrong with Eve online. I’m here with a very sincere and very real everyday experience. I love that it’s a space game like Star Trek you would want to have a bigger Star Trek or something. or even landing on the moon or exploring a new world in making 10 years observation of other human life were humanoid life .
I wish I wish there was a way that I didn’t have to lose all of my premium that I’ve paid for at the time of trying to solve an in-game issue. I wish only for the best of this game because now I’m at the point where I have things in order to play them I have to have omega. In order for me to have omega it would require me to wait more than a month and if I have an emergency with real money. I can’t pursue in game because I have to pay for a physical emergency in the world of reality. I am here to say I love this place I love this everything you guys have. Just wishing maybe there’s some constructive criticism and not putting anything down on this beautiful thing you guys created. So Marcus A Kormienko. Fly safe signing off

Mike . As long as I’m a player you are so awesome

@CCP_Falcon Any updates on these btw? The article says notices would be sent out by the 7th - if I wasn’t able to secure a slot that’s cool, I’m just hoping to find out :slight_smile:

Let’s go together

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