Dev blog: EVE Vegas 2018 - Player Ads & Alliance Swag In The Welcome Pack!

Check out this dev blog for more information on how to submit your player ads for the EVE Vegas 2018 Live Stream, and how you can have your own swag included in the EVE Vegas 2018 Attendee’s Welcome Pack!


We’re already way up over 900 tickets sold, and it looks like we’re
going to sell out well before we head out to Nevada in October.

This is amazing!


That it does! I wish I could go too and see Area 51 -errm I mean EVE Vegas :wink:




@James_315 We should post an ad to this. A video of a gank, then “Mining accidents are rising. Become a permit holder, not a statistic.”

I do not have the talents to make it happen.

A CODE. advert would be sweet.

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The biggest attraction planned for the fanfest:



900 Pirates. A bunch of Casinos. What could possibly go wrong?

I’d like to work at circus circus as the person who gets pies thrown into the face everyday as you hear the clown whistle, only to then realize that life does this to all of us everyday.
I’d hold speaking engagements to give the world this new and deep philosophy.

anyone know if the devs are going to do the texas hold’em again this year. last year was a blast

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