PLEX for GOOD, EVE and CCP updates


We have just released a personal message from CCP Hellmar that covers various topics, such as PLEX for GOOD, EVE Online and CCP. Please use this thread to discuss its content with fellow pilots.


PLEX for GOOD collection for COVID-19.

The program will continue to run at least throughout June – this is longer than any other PLEX for GOOD campaign we’ve run in the past, but the nature of the threat is extraordinary. Virtual Masks are making their way into New Eden and will be a reward for everyone who donates. As on so many occasions before, you have exceeded everyone’s expectations – so far we’ve managed to collect over 100,000 USD for the fight against COVID-19!

That’s excellent news, definitely a worthy cause.

Gratz and well done to all who have donated PLEX.


I might actually donate to John Hopkins now that I won’t have to donate to WHO


i have to say that the two weeks chake up of team talos really made the game look fresh and crisp.
It actually made me come back to it !

Also well done on the PLEX for GOOD !


Ability to not donate to WHO, probably will be bring way more people in.


Good message, glad to hear about the various advances and improvements being made.

Nice to see Serenity doing so well, I hope that becomes a great market for CCP.

Congratulations CCP on the increase in new player activity, here’s hoping we can hang on to them!

I do feel that more interesting changes are at least being attempted/experimented with over the past year, so keep that up. As always, I feel CCP’s focus should be on proper gameplay design which is still sadly lacking in so many areas of Eve, but your recent steps are at least headed in the right direction.

Here’s wishing EVE, CCP and all the capsuleers another 17 years of success!


A nice post! Happy 17th. It actually scares me that my main celebrated their 16th Birthday in January and I’ve played since early beta. Where the hell did that time go?!?

One question I have that hasn’t been mentioned for ages is Aether Wars.

Did anything progress with this?

Reading this post, I’ve stumbled upon this:

So I decided to check one of the well known Russian markets, and what do you know - it’s actually true this time. I’m seeing number of sellers being down from over a hundred to mere 20 entities. Price for ISK is higher than ever - it has doubled since the last time I checked (a year or so ago). It’s getting close to a point when just buying some PLEX and selling it on the market will just become a better option for players. That’s… incredible. I hope the situation is similar with Chinese and global markets, too.

CCP you absolute legends. Well done. o7


Even if it is pleasing to see RMT decrease. The price of Plex(ISK) has also fallen by half within a year. However, prices for all goods have risen sharply, especially for ships. So not everything is pleasing.

In the meantime, you can join Folding@home like many of us at CCP are doing.

Dreddit is Folding.

:checks notes:

Also recruiting.


On that note, we are in the middle of the second Quadrant, Eclipse, and planning for Quadrant 3 is well underway. The Quadrant system has given us a solid framework to increase the speed of our releases and make sure that there is always something new happening in New Eden.

And deliver nothing of essence. We are in the middle of Q2, we got a fancy trailer and nothing of that trailer has even been discussed to this day. Yet, CCP is already talking about Q3. Maybe you should first finish what you start and not think 3 steps ahead already. This approach has always proven to be fatal for CCP follow-throughs.

investing in the technological infrastructure of EVE

Ever since Blackout and the massive loss of players, EVE feels less responsive, more susceptible to lag and creating tidi even with small gate jump numbers and generally as if it has less performance available to use. Are you sure you are investing in the right tech infrastructure? I hear that Raspberry PI are great entertainment devices, but they hardly work as a server.

Cool thing about Plex for Good. Helping institutions to overcome this burden is certainly a valiant endeavor.

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Gróska almost like Gruszka :upside_down_face:

This is one of the benefits of scaling up our marketing efforts this year, with new and unexpected sources of players being found. Just imagine all the countries and regions we can bring into our community. Territorial expansion through localization, marketing and support is another aspect of our strategy and it is starting to show results – as can be seen by our entry into the Korean market in November last year.

Good to hear about expansion.
On the other hand I feel like CCP payment options are outdated and you should really consider implementing fair regional pricing and native currencies. I’ve tried some F2P games like Legends of Runeterra or Warframe and they support my currency out of the box and they have regional discounts, taking into account currency purchasing power.
I want to pay for stuff there because prices are fair, affordable, suitable to be called microtransactions. Marketing incentives are also nice. For example, when I log into Warframe after a small break and 75% discount for platinum purchase aka “Do you want to give us some money now?” pops-out as login reward, the answer is always “Yes, please take my money” even if I don’t really need this stuff.
In EVE, I open payment page, see how all prices are in USD and desire to pay for something fades. There was a small glimmer of hope when Steam introduced new currencies and regional pricing for subscriptions, but after a year suddenly all prices were doubled and now they are even more expensive than prices on EVE site after USD conversion. To illustrate it better, more practical example: 1 month of unlimited 100Mb optical Internet would cost us around 200 fantasy coins; 1 month of cell phone wireless plan - 100 on average; 1 month of EVE subscription - 400.

Wonderful news, is there any chance one day the whole world we will be playing on the same server? I mean the Chinese are still on a separate server right, why is this still the case, if anyone can be so kind to explain this a little more…?

Thanks for the positive message Hellmar!!

Great to see you are all safe and that EVE is growing. I am looking forward to 40k+ on the server. Please keep up the good work and regular releases :slight_smile:


Chinese laws.
In a nutshell, only local companies can operate in China gaming industry, so original game publishers must find local partner in order to run their game and they must create local servers. There are also other regulations that must be followed: content pre-approval by government, censorship (for example, no skull images - assets for Guristas or Blood Raiders are altered in Chinese version), anti-addiction measures.

So answering your question: there is no chance for global server, realistically speaking.


Thanks a lot, still holding hopes that one day it will be figured out, think it will bring a lot of new interesting action when we all merge in one system. New Eden might even be needed to expand then to accommodate all.

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Well, a lot of Chinese players started playing on TQ when Serenity shut down. I’ve heard rumors that many intend to keep playing on TQ, but those are just rumors. So take it with a grain of salt.


I’ve never worked in game design, but I was under the impression that there was a bit of a pipeline for content. Like, the designers would design things, then the code and art guys would get to work on it, then the QA guys would test it, and all that. So, it would make sense for the design guys to start working on Q3 if they already finished their work on Eclipse. Like, I don’t expect the farmer to be in the kitchen while my steak is being cooked.

Also, there’s speculation that we will be seeing the Zappy boy real soon.

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The one thing that stood out to me more than anything else: the post made reference to this being the third chapter of the Invasion TRILOGY, suggesting that this huge emphasis on this Triglavian ■■■■■■■■ is going to end soon, or at least dial down from an 11 to a 3.

:heart: NO MORE TRIGLAVIANS!!! :heart:

:heart: NO MORE TRIGLAVIANS!!! :heart:

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